Monday, July 19, 2010

Why I Love Weddings

Allow me to interrupt my honeymoon recaps momentarily to wax poetical on why I love weddings so much.  Because I do, I really, really do.  And I'm guessing most of you out there love 'em too, or else you wouldn't be reading this blog and investing so much time and energy into your wedding.

We just got back from a wedding this past weekend, the first one since our own, and it was more fun than a barrel full of chocolate-covered monkeys (truth.) While I may have imbibed more than my fair share of adult beverages, embarrassed myself on the dance floor and eaten three cupcakes from the cupcake tower (shhhhhhh, there were still plenty left over and they were mmmm-mmmm good) that's still not why I love weddings.

I did some thinking on the 4-hour drive back home, still smiling from the fun of the night before. Weddings are a celebration, pure and simple. It's two people coming together, two families coming together, two lives coming together to become inextricably intertwined.  There is no bittersweet in a wedding, only joy, laughter and love. And seriously kids, what is better than that? (The only two things I can think of that even come close are puppies and ice cream.  But no, actually, weddings are better than both those things combined.)

At the ceremony of this most recent wedding we attended, I watched the groom tear up as the bride walked down the aisle.  I thought about what a special moment this was for her and about my own incredible walk down the aisle barely a month ago.  The love you feel from friends and family on that day is truly awe-inspiring and the significance of the moment is not lost on anyone.  This day, your wedding day, is a momentous occasion in one's life, that will forever be remembered, re-visited and re-lived.

As I bounced around on the dance floor with old friends to "Shout" (which, for the record, gets my vote for the best song to play at a wedding ever.  Sure, it's a bit cliched but come one, everyone and their mother loves to dance to that song) all I could think were happy thoughts.  Happy for the bride and groom, happy for myself and my husband, happy to be surrounded by friends, happy, happy, happy. And that, right there, is why I love weddings.  The happiness and the love are what it's all about.  And there's nothing better than that.

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  1. Great post.. I'm not married yet, but I couldn't agree more.