Monday, September 6, 2010

Never Been a Bridesmaid

Have you guys all been a bridesmaid in a friend or family member's wedding? Just asking, because I haven't.  And honestly, I sort of feel like that unpopular girl in high school who listed 'spending time with pets' as one of her favorite activities in our senior bios (true story) about the situation, which is a bit pathetic on my part.

I know, I know, you're probably thinking to yourself  'Trailmix, you dummy, being a bridesmaid ain't all that it's cracked up to be.'  I know that.  I know there are still a lot of brides who make ridiculous requests of their 'maids, like choosing a hot pink, floor-length satin dress with a black lace corset top (another true story.  And the dress really was as heinous as it sounds.)

But...I still want to be a bridesmaid...Like really really badly.

And I'm not even sure why.  I guess it's because I love weddings and I love my friends, so being a bridesmaid is the best of both worlds, right? And it is a special honor, so there's the mildly (and by mildly, I mean intensely, heated) competitive side of me that somehow feels like I'm losing at the Game. You know, the game of who is the most popular based on how many times they have been a bridesmaid? What, you don't play that game too?  Ohhh.... *squirms in embarrassment...

See,  now you're all thinking that I've gone so far off the deep end, it's starting to get shallow again...And of course the rational side of my brain knows that, no, the number of satin-poly-blend dresses one has been required to purchase for ceremonies of holy matrimony is not directly proportional to the number and strength of one's friendships.

But deep down inside, I suppose there is a nagging fear in my heart that maybe this could be true. I think about some girls that I know who have been a bridesmaid 7 or 8 times already and I start to wonder what's wrong with me?  My insecurities bubble up and I worry that no one actually likes me and that I have no real friends and that I'll die a lonely, bridesmaid-virgin, sad lumpy sack of potatoes. Tragic.

Don't worry, I'm not lying awake at night losing sleep over this or anything but sometimes I think about it and feel a little down.  And for the record, I am mostly convinced that the main reason I haven't been a bridesmaid is because hardly any of my friends have gotten engaged or married (makes being a bridesmaid a bit difficult, right?)

So I'm curious to know, have you been a bridesmaid? If yes, how many times? If not, do you care?

PS- Many thanks to Mrs Swan for taking on this topic a few months ago, respek!


  1. I have NOT been a bridesmaid before. I am totally competitive and I understand what you mean about feeling a little unpopular. Honestly, I just focus on helping out my friends who are brides with anything they need anyways. I don't need the title - I just like weddings!

  2. I, too, am a BM virgin and laughed all the way through this post ("spending time with pets" listed here as well!).

  3. I never was one, until I got engaged. My MOH got engaged and I will be her MOH this month. My other best friend (and BM) recently got engaged as well, so that will be another BM spot. I will admit though, I felt like you prior to those two friends getting engaged.

  4. I've been a BM 3 times. Once for my sister and 2 times for friends. And, I'm about to go for number 4 in October. Honestly, I think it really depends on when your close friends get married. In the last year I've had 3 weddings. But, I think I'm just at the point now that everyone is getting married. So hang in there! It will come!! Your closet will soon contain a silk taffeta dress, too!