Monday, October 18, 2010

All My Love, All My Life: Before the Ceremony...

*Siiiiiiigh.  Sorry to wax on a bit in this post but it has a lot of my favorite photos from our wedding day.  Some may say that the little details don't matter come W-day but I will say that I noticed them all and I loved them, which is why I'm goin' a little bit photo-crazy on this one...

Well, that and the technological genius that is Mrs Penguin taught me a fabulous trick over several pitchers of sangria, called "resizing photos" in order to upload the files faster, since it was taking about 20 minutes per photo at the size I was doing them  on Blogger...The site is FastStone.Org and it's awesome. In yo' face, evil piece of conspiring technology that is my computer!

Anyways, enough talky-talky, Trailmix, on to the good stuff!

When our guests arrived, the were greeted by our lovely little rustic sign as they walked around the pond, created by Ma and Paw Trailmix.  Loves!

The rain continued on and off throughout the day but by this point, I had accepted that there was nothing I could do to stop it and just simply let it all go...(Oh, and take note of that huge, green umbrella in the background.  It will re-appear again later on and there is a hilarious story that accompanies it...)

Our florist created a beautiful flower wreath to adorn the outside door of the Tannery...

Guests were greeted with lemonade and cookies upon entering.  I think everyone appreciated the pre-ceremony snack, since the first shuttle run deposited guests almost 45 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start (and we started 15 minutes late, so some folks were there waiting for almost an hour.  Whooops!)

But you all know I made damn sure to snarf a few before ceremony since I am a complete and utter cookie monster :)

I had arranged our programs in an old basket we had laying around the house a few days prior (yeah, totally forget to come up with something to put our programs in until the last minute, hence said basket) and our DOC set up everything on two tables in the entry way to the Tannery.

Our florist did a few small arrangements for these tables that, in addition to our programs, also held the Beatles sing-along excerpts and the framed generational wedding photos (both below) as well as our yammukahs and guest book (which were later moved to the reception site.)

The recessional inserts (lyrics to All You Need Is Love by the Beatles) were another last-minute project and therefore ended up in another basket lying around the house.  Somehow, they just worked, much to my delight.

Can't forget about my vintage handkerchiefs for "Tears of Joy", which I am pleased to say were all taken by the ceremony's start.

Our chuppah covering was my great-grandmother's lace tablecloth, which held such significance for me.  Our florist created the structure using birch logs and provided the two altar arrangements as well.  I thought the overall effect was perfect: natural and organic but oh so pretty.

Here's a shot from the back of the room...I love the wooden benches and the small-paned windows, it all just smacks of New England simplicity.

One of the cool things about the Tannery is that is has a balcony, providing another angle for both guests and our photographer.

Our florist did the aisle decorations and I loved that she included mint in them, providing a soothing and relaxing scent for guests as they waited for the ceremony to begin (and waited...and waited...and then ate more cookies and waited some more...)

Our "Reserved" signs did their job a little too well, unfortunately.  Family who were supposed to sit there took the meaning literally and refused our usher's suggestions to sit, so the front two benches were empty the whole time.  Dangit.  Not a huge deal but mildly annoying when I look at photos since it was a packed house. Oh well, the signs look super-cute, don't you think?

The stained-glass-inspired ketubah we had matted and put into a vintage frame was waiting at the altar, signed, sealed and delivered, to be read by the Rabbi  during the ceremony and displayed afterwards at the reception.

And while everyone was arriving and getting situated, I was waiting in the back, all jittery, giddy and nervy, unable to contain both my excitement and apprehension that the moment was fast approaching...

I did take the opportunity to do a shoe shot, because, gosh, I heart my shoes in a big, big way.  Sadly, they got completely destroyed thanks to the mud/rain but they had their moment, oh yes indeedy...One of my all-time favorite shots of the day, such golden-shoe prettiness!

Another of my all-time faves.  I think my flower wreath was my favorite part of my outfit, although the dress was a close second, and both are represented so beautifully here.

Another gratuitous bouquet shot.  Since the wedding, I've almost managed to put the misery over that stupid bouquet behind me (almost.)

My bridesmaid's wore gold shoes of their choosing.  I thought the look with their light blue dresses was gorgeous!

Remember how pissy  I was over the bridemaid's bouquets in addition to my own? Well, I totally am eating crow on that one because looking back at these photos, I actually love them now...

The time was nearing. My bridesmaid's waited with me, almost as charged up and nervous as I was...I've told them all this a thousand times but they were so amazing to me on the day of the wedding, I cannot thank them enough.

I think they were watching us during our first look here but I love this shot, so I'm including it anyways...

And then our DOC Beth-Anne appeared and told me that it was almost time.  As in, go-time.  As in, the real deal, holy-sh*t-this-is-actually-happening time. And I was more than ready.

One final primp from a bridesmaid and dear friend/ceremony pianist...

And suddenly, it was on like Donkey Kong.  I took a deep breath as I heard the strains of the piano start and smiled as I realized that I was really, actually, finally, for keeps, getting married!

Up Next: The Walk of a Lifetime!

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