Thursday, November 25, 2010

All My Love, All My Life: Strike A Pose

I last left off with our joyful recessional, set to The Beatles' "All You Need Is Love."

As we finished our walk down the aisle and came to the entryway of the Tannery, we stopped short. Much to our dismay, it was raining (I know, I can't shut up about the rain.  Sorry.)  And not just a light sprinkle, either, but full-on raining. 

Before the ceremony, our photographer had instructed us to book it out of the Tannery as soon as we walked down the aisle otherwise we'd be mobbed by well-wishing guests and an impromptu receiving line would form (something we were looking to avoid.)

So with Kelly's advice still in our heads, the sound of rain drops ringing in our ears and the realization that our bridal party was quickly moving down the aisle, we made a panicked, split-second decision to grab an umbrella and get outta there! 

Now, here's the funny coda to this story- During the cocktail hour, Mr Trail Mix was talking with a few buddies from college and one them exclaimed,

"Some a$$hole stole our umbrella! Can you believe that? It was a good one too, it was huge!"

Busted! Mr Trail Mix instantly knew that we were the ones who had pilfered the umbrella, a fear that was confirmed when he asked his friend if it was green.

"Yes, have you seen it?"

"Um, sorry, Dude, that was us."

Luckily, his friend had a sense of humor about the whole thing and they shared a good laugh over the mix-up but it was pretty funny.  Anyways, here's the infamous, green umbrella in action!

This is the first picture taken of us after we exited the Tannery.  I think we were so caught up in the moment that we didn't know what to do with ourselves.

Our photographer instructed us to smooch, which we happily obliged.

We stopped in front of this pretty doorway, since it matched our umbrella perfectly.

From there, Kelly spotted this fire escape and up we climbed.  You'd think we were in an urban, city landscape with this next shot and while it doesn't really fit in with the vibe of the rest of the wedding, I still think it's mad cool.

Mr Trail Mix totally slipped on his way down the fire escape, which made me laugh hysterically, although he was kind of ticked since he got rust on his suit.  Oh well.

Since the rain was picking up, we posed outside the Darrow School's library before heading in.

Once inside, we found a huge, small-paned window to take some photos by and in spite of the rain, we had some beautiful lighting from it.

Here's my one and only "bridal shot." I refused to waste any time taking pictures of just myself because seriously, what was I going to do with a whole bunch of photos of just me? So there's only this one (but I like how it came out!)

Here's the window I was talking about.  Isn't it beautiful?

Alright, I guess I kinda lied since this one is mostly just me (although Mr TM is in the photo, so it's not really a bridal portrait.)

Our rings! Note the placement of them on the map, directly above Venezuela (where we honeymooned.) So clever of Kelly.

Finally, the rain let up enough for us to head outside and get a few more pics of us together.  This is the only "normal" shot of the two of us from the entire day and I actually (ironically, after all my BS about only wanting artsy, photojournalist shots) like it.  Kinda wish we'd taken a few more of us just posed happily next to each other but the next series makes up for the lack of those.

We made sure to get a photo with my "Thank You" sign for our cards.  

Then Kelly directed us back to the grey rock wall that had served as the backdrop for all our family portraits and she got some of my absolute favorite shots from the entire day.

This last one is the photo, the one that I feel most perfectly defines us and our wedding.  There is an 8' x 10' print framed on our living room wall and I'll never get tired of looking at it. *Love-filled siiiiiiigh....So happy...

And with that, we were released from our model duties and given free reign to join the cocktail hour (these photos took about 30 minutes, so we still had another 45 or so left to get in on the party!)

It was time to eat, drink and be merry!

Follow along, if ya want!

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