Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All My Love, All My Life: Fotobooth Fun!

Way way back (gosh, it feels like ages ago!) when I was still knee-deep in wedding planning, I would gaze longingly at hilarious photobooth pictures that made the wedding blog rounds but then heave a dramatic sigh and move on.  I knew there was no way I was willing to give up anything in my budget to make room for this amazing trend and we simply did not have the technology to do it ourselves. I simply assumed from the beginning that it was a lost cause.

But then! The typically cruel and merciless wedding gods took pity on a poor, woe-begotten bride and, like a ray of sunshine through the clouds, offered up a solution in the form of my photographer (Kelly of Closed Circle Photography.) She emailed me, out of the blue, to say that she was offering a promotion for a free photobooth set-up for any wedding where she was booked for at least six hours.  Since we qualified, did we want to take advantage of the offer?

Um, HELLS to the YES we did!! And so, with absolutely no planning, stressing, DIY-endeavors or budget-squeezing, I got my photobooth. Wahoooo!!!

Our second-shooter manned the booth, which was simply a camera on a tripod with a (um, don't know the technical photography term for this) white, hanging screen-thing.  

For some unknown reason, my photographer specifically requested no silly props or anything of that nature when we spoke about it. I did manage to get a whiteboard and some markers the day before but I kind of wish I'd at least jumped on the mustache bandwagon or something...

But our guests were creative and brought in their own props to spice things up a bit...

Heck, there even may or may not have been some interpretive dancing (Don't ask.)

The photobooth also gave us a chance to do some group pictures that otherwise probably would not have happened...

This is Mr Trail Mix's pledge class from his fraternity in college (minus one) plus all the wives/fiancees. Hard to believe we're almost six years graduated!

And here's Mr TM's group of friends from high school (apparently all of my friends were too busy dancing to get in on the photobooth action!) reppin' the 305 area code- That's Miami, in case ya didn't know!

The rest of these are proof that you actually really don't need props to get some great, funny shots! Offer up enough alcohol, put out the camera and the magic will happen by itself...

This one is particularly funny because my friend is a professional cheerleader in real life (I don't think I'm supposed to tell you which team but here's a hint- rhymes with "Gew Kengland Matriots.")

I love looking through the photobooth shots, they are silly, goofy and just plain fun.  There's also a TON of them! Obviously, I only showed you a few faves but this was definitely a great way to capture pictures of our guests that our photographer might not have gotten to and there's a bunch of great family shots that I won't bore you with. The majority of folks got in on the action and since it was set up right by the dance floor, it definitely did not compete with the revelry taking place. 

All in all, I am SO happy we got to have the photobooth at our wedding, huge thanks to Kelly for making it happen without even knowing how much I wanted one!

Where do you stand on the photobooth trend, will you be having one at your wedding?

Follow along, if ya want!

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