Saturday, February 26, 2011

All My Love, All My Life: Sugar High

To truly appreciate the rest of this post, I have to give some backstory...

For as long as Mr Trailmix and I have been talking about weddings (specifically ours), it has always been followed with a conversation where I would give him my most serious, I-am-not-joking-even-one-little-tiny-bit face and tell him that smushing the cake in my face at our wedding would absolutely ruin the day for me and the only thing we were going to do is politely feed each other dainty little bites. It was tacky, I proclaimed.  Trashy to the max. ABSOLUTELY NO CAKE SMASHING. ZILCH. NONE. Capische? 

Alright, now on with our story here...

After feasting and dancing for a while, the subject of cutting the cake was brought up and since dessert was being served (strawberry shortcake), it seemed like a good time to do the damn thang.  By this point, our photographer had left as had our DOC and everything (and everyone) was kind of a mess. I looked around for a knife to cut it with but alas, in my semi-sober state, could only come up with a soup spoon (we used the handle to cut it.  GHET. TO.)

See, here we are, all smiling pretty, prepared to slice into our lovely little cake...All looks well and good, right? Riiiiiiiight...

And then...Oh, and then...To this day, I do not know where this impulse came from but I could feel a mischievous grin come across my face as I acted on instinct...Without thinking for a second, I made a split-second decision, grabbed a handful of cake and caught Mr Trail Mix square in the face with it!!  

Poor guy never saw it coming. 

It happened so quickly our friend could only capture the aftermath (Look at his face! I got you good, babe!)

I still can't believe it, after all my preaching and b*tching about how uncouth it is to watch a bride and groom smash cake all over themselves, I doggone up went and did it. I still giggle every time I think about it.  I swear, I'm not tricky enough to be able to set Mr TM up like that (wish I were!) and it was completely unplanned (cross my heart and hope to die!) but SO funny!
Of course, being the generous newly-minted wife that I was, I then graciously allowed Mr Trail Mix to exact his revenge, once he got over his shock...  
Lord, the shame of being that couple who smashed cake all over themselves! How gauche! But ya know what? It was all in good, clean, silly fun and I don't regret it.  Hell, we cut the cake with the handle of a spoon, did it really matter by this point if we rubbed it all over each other's faces?
We licked our fingers (the cake, for the record, was amazing!) and I remember being totally giddy, I couldn't believe that just happened!
Luckily, Mr Trail Mix did not immediately ask for an annulment and still somehow trusts his sneaky, devious wife  :)

One final finger lick and we eagerly returned to the dance floor, buoyed by a brief sugar high. 

So there you have it, folks- I am eating crow (and cake- EW, that combo just made me shudder) on the subject of cake smashing.  Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. I surely did not plan on doing this during our cake cutting but it was just one more thing that made our wedding day that much more memorable (and ridiculous.)

To my forgiving husband: I'll have to figure out a more creative use for frosting to make it up to you, natch! 


  1. Too funny, I have as well as this exact conversation with Groomzilla that there will be no cake smashing!! Glad that you were able to laugh about your sneaky fun little trick!! Love it!

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