Friday, February 11, 2011

All My Love, All My Life: The Toasts

After all the scheduled dances were done, we just kept dancing! The band played a great first set for about 45 minutes, which I think allowed everyone to digest all the cocktail food and get ready for, well, more food (I mean, this was a Jewish wedding after all, which means no one, and I mean no one, goes hungry!)  

First, my grandfather said a blessing over the Challah and our dads said a blessing over the wine.

Then, it was time for dinner.

Unfortunately, things did not quite go as planned and I had another (Whose counting? Not me!) of my mini-meltdowns (although this time, Mr TM was also upset.)  Thanks to the pouring rain, our caterer had trouble getting her grill to light and stay lit.  The cook tent was set up about 100 yards from the main tent and our poor servers were literally sprinting back and forth and were soaking wet within the first five minutes.

Needless to say, half of the tent was served dinner forty-five minutes after the other half... *Siiiiiigh...What could we do? Although both Mr Trailmix and I expressed our dismay to our DOC, the only thing she could tell us was that they were all desperately working to deal with the weather conditions.

The double-bummer about this was that it happened right as we were going around to all the tables to say hello to everyone.  We got distracted once we realized what was going on and never got back around to several tables.  This is one of my biggest wedding regrets since we didn't have a receiving line.  I still feel guilty thinking that I did not get to even say 'hello and thanks for coming' to some of our guests. Oh well...*Siiiiiiigh...

Finally (finally!) once all the tables had been served and guests had time to eat (OMG, the food was awesome, especially the mushroom raviolis!) we started the toasts.

Unbeknown to us, our brothers had been in cahoots planning out a funny and touching speech that started with a "speech showdown" between the two of them (each trying to out-clink the other, speak over one another, etc...It was hilarious.) 

I have to pause here to give Mr TM his due credit...He picked out the ties for the groomsmen and I'm lovin' the way they look in all the photos!

The first of many, many hugs all around. We're kinda like one-big-happy-Brady-Bunch family when we're together. What can I say, I love my boys!

Our guests looked on as my MOH then took the floor...

MOH Pip gave the sweetest toast.  She kept it short but told the story of how, way back in the beginning, when she asked me how the relationship was progressing, I replied that I "didn't know it was possible to be this much in love." Collective 'Awwwwww', right?

It's a true story. I'm such a sap, I know, I just can't help myself...

Isn't she a beauty?

More hugs and laughter ensued.

Note my ever-present glass of white wine in basically all of the photos from here on out.  To say that I needed the stress relief of a bottle of wine would be an under-statement. To say that my bridesmaids made sure that my glass was never more than half-empty would be the exact reason I asked them in the first place.

In fact, I think everyone had a lot of wine, which made the toasts far funnier. Wine and rain and laughter, I guess when I think about it this way, it sounds much more romantic, huh?

I thought those were the only two toasts planned but my family had other ideas.  Apparently, they had spent the whole week before the wedding working on a "Top Ten" list (a la David Letterman) of why they were so happy Mr Trailmix was joining the family.

It was, frankly, one of the best things ever. Ever ever ever.

The list included gems such as-

"#3- He ups the average height in the family by at least four inches!" (My family is notoriously short- No one is over 5'9"!)

"#7- Wonder of wonders, miracles of miracles (Fiddler-On-The-Roof style), they're both Jewish!" (So true, given that we met at a teeny, tiny liberal arts school in Upstate New York)

The last one was a very sweet "Welcome to the family" bit that (surprise, surprise) made me tear up a bit...

Clearly, another round of hugs was needed after all of that...

And finally, Mr Trailmix and I gave a brief speech thanking everyone for coming, especially our parents.  

And then? Well, we are party animals and it was time to get. down.

I may or may not have been fairly intoxicated by this point. Yeah, I was totally that bride who got drunk at her own wedding and ya know what? I was lovin' every second of it. The wine was flowing, everyone was feeling the love and we were ready to dance!

Follow along, if ya want!


  1. Your wedding sounded gorgeous and like so much fun. That is all I want for mine, just to party and dance with the band and have everyone I love in the same room. I can't wait!

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