Monday, May 17, 2010

Gotta Give Credit...

...To Mr Trail Mix for pulling his weight lately in the wedding planning fun.  Consider it a benefit to having a searching-for-employment-fiancé as opposed to a working-fiancé.  Mr TM gallantly cut, corner-rounded and attached raffia around almost all of our 200 menus one afternoon, leaving him with a blister on his thumb from the corner rounder and me with a pile of simple and sorta-pretty menu cards.

He also cut and corner-rounded about 200 of our favor tags, also to be tied with raffia (are you sensing a theme here with the use of raffia? Well, you're right, it's called "Raffia Is Dirt Cheap and Can Be Bought In Bulk For Significantly Less Than Ribbon" :)

Here's a few shots of his creations:

I designed everything using that completely counter-intuitive and totally hateful program otherwise known as Microsoft Word to design all of these, using fonts from

The favor tags read "One Sweet World" on one side and have the flavors printed on the other (milk chocolate with caramel and dark chocolate with lavender honey were the winners, btdubs...)  "One Sweet World" is the name of a Dave Matthews Band song we both love, so I thought that was fitting...

The menu cards will be tucked into the napkin at each place setting along with our little lavender bunches.

Notice that everything's done on white cardstock because, well, I am horrible with paper products and did not like the look of the yellow paper I had leftover from the programs and could not bring myself to order any more paper.  So white they are, hopefully they'll look pretty on the tables against ivory linens.  

And finally, because even though this post turned into me showing off my menus and favor tags, it was really supposed to be about giving Mr Trail Mix props, so here's one more...Congrats to my newly MBA-annointed soon-to-be hubby! I couldn't be prouder or feel luckier to call you mine...

What has your mister done to contribute to the wedding projects?


  1. Nada but ooohs and aaahhhs when I do things.

  2. Aww congrats to your hubby!! Also, your menus look amazing!

    p.s. I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to reapply. Your words of encouragement meant so much. :)