Monday, May 3, 2010

Venezuelan Honeymoon: The Details

Now we're gettin' down to the good stuff, our trip itinerary! Although we originally were looking at Margarita Island for the beach portion of our travels, I wasn't super-excited by any of the hotel options. Most of the nice places were all-inclusive resorts (which isn't what we were looking for) or seemed to lack the idyllic charm of other Caribbean islands.

And then while further researching hotels, I came across Los Roques Parque Nacional.  It's an archipelago of islands located about an hour west of Margarita Island but because it's protected as a national park, there are only a smattering of bed and breakfasts located on the main island.

In short, it's pretty isolated and natural and basically our ideal honeymoon location.  Laid-back vibe, Italian bed and breakfast where they'll cook all our meals to order and a beach-side location.  Plus, Los Roques has some of the best fishing and snorkelling in the world (and Mr Trail Mix is an avid fisherman.  Me? Not so much but I like to paddle about and look at the fishies...)  Ah, I cannot wait to be swimming in the ocean here:

And eating delicious freshly-caught seafood like this:

And snuggle up and drink some white wine and relive all the wedding fun here:

We're staying at the Posada Acquamarina in Gran Roque, which is pretty much the only island where lodging exists.  The owner also booked us our flights from Caracas to the islands, which was super-helpful.

After four nights here, we're flying back to Caracas and then immediately out to a small mountain town about two hours south.  The picture below is not Angel Falls, but another waterfall in the town of Canaima that you can swim in.  So cool.

We'll sit out on our hammock at night (and probably drink white wine.  I'm sensing a theme here :) ) at the Tapuy Lodge...

And finally, we're doing a two-day trek up to see Angel Falls, which is the tallest waterfall in the world and also extremely unaccessible.  Apparently ,there will be some sleeping on hammocks during the trip, which although I'm not thrilled about, passing up the opportunity to see this incredible natural wonder would be silly. So off a-trekking we will go, up the river in motorized canoes and then hike to get closer to the falls, so hopefully I can get a picture like this:

Aiiiyeeeeee, I just can't wait to go on this trip!! Mr Trail Mix and I have not taken a vacation together since August 2007, so I think it's safe to say we are long over-due.  What better way to celebrate our nuptials with a kick-a$$ honeymoon trip, right? 

I think it will be a great combination of beachy laziness and adventurous site-seeing, which sounds just about perfect to me!

What part of your honeymoon are you most looking forward to? 


  1. Looks gorgeous! I skipped over Venezuela in my trip around South America, but it looks like you'll see the best it has to offer. Enjoy!