Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Want WHAT?!?!

That was pretty much my exact response when Mr Trail Mix asked me about ordering yarmulkes for the wedding, only maybe slightly higher-pitched than written words can convey. A yarmulke, also called a kippah, in case ya don't know, is this:

They are traditionally worn at Jewish services of all types.  I thought we had discussed the option of having kippot and nixed it.  Mr Trail Mix, rather randomly, decided otherwise, hence my high-pitched reaction to his question about whether I had ordered said yarmulkes yet.  Truth be told, it was more of a squawk than anything else...

The simple answer to this question was, "No, dear, I did not."  Which is exactly how I said it, without a trace of sarcasm in my voice.

His query as to why not was only met with the death stare. You ladies know what I'm talking about :) Upon hearing that we weren't planning on having them at the wedding, Mr Trail Mix voiced his strong opinion that this was something he wanted.

I'll be honest, at first I was annoyed.  I didn't budget the extra cash for this expense, I didn't feel like searching for the cheapest deal and I just plain didn't want to handle one more detail.  I started to protest but fearing a stupid argument might materialize out of this, decided it was better to think about it before fighting the idea.

So I considered it (and consulter Mom Trail Mix.) And I realized that Mr Trail Mix has had so few super-strong opinions about any of the wedding details that if this was something he really wanted, I should be a supportive fiance and make it happen.

And so five dozen yarmulkes (with free printing of our names and wedding dates on the inside) have been ordered and all is well in the Trail Mix wedding world.  I suppose I'm glad we're having them, at least it will make the more traditional relatives happy.  Now I just have to figure out some sort of presentation/display for them, most like accompanied by a cute little sign :)

Was there a random detail your FH suddenly had to have?

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