Monday, May 31, 2010

My Plan Backfired

Remember how I was all into running and stuff, even managing to complete a little race called the Boston Marathon? I thought it would be the perfect way to get in shape and look dynamite for the wedding.  And yes, training for the marathon buffed up my bod like no other work out will.

And that's the problem, folks.  Now that it's been more than a month since the marathon, I just can't find the willpower to workout much.  But I'm still downing pints of Ben and Jerry's like I've run 10 miles that day.  Anyone else see qhat's wrong with that equation?

So yes, sadly, I've actually gained a bit since the marathon, completely derailing my plan of getting in shape and then maintaining that physique from race day to wedding day.  It's hard to force yourself to go for a run when there's a lovely, cold glass of white wine and a hunk of brie waiting for you out on the patio when one gets home from work (the bonus of having an unemployed fiance!)

Oh well, it's not really a big deal, although I am a little bit disappointed because, like most of us, I am hoping to present the best version of myself at the wedding but it just might not be in the cards.  It's more annoying than anything else. I guess I'll just have to bank on the week before the wedding, since I have heard that bride-to-be's tend to lose weight that week with everything going on. Fingers crossed!

Is anyone else find that the warm weather makes ice cream and white wine too appealing to turn down? What have you done to get in shape for your wedding??


  1. Is it possible you were'nt preparing for the marathon for the wedding as much as you were doing it for yourself?

  2. i went through the same thing - i ran the NY marathon 2 years ago and am again this year training to run again. last time i ran, however, i didn't run again for 2 months afterwards! i feel your pain!

  3. I kinda went through the same thing...I ran an 8 mile race last summer (nothing NEAR a marathon)...and then didn't work out consistently for like...9 months, which is weird for me because I was always fitness obsessed. I finally found a new, completely different way to work out that's managed to keep me engaged for a while...have you though of trying a new type of workout? Like going to some kind of group fitness class? Or yoga? Also...having a workout buddy REALLY helps me...M totally pushes me through every Crossfit workout we do.