Saturday, November 14, 2009

The After-Party

Our wedding reception is set to end at 11:30 pm.  While 6 or so hours of drinking, dining and dancing may be enough for most, it's the only wedding I'm having so I'm a-gonna prolong the fun for as long as I can (and I've spent 14 months planning this thing so gosh darnit, it's going to last as long as I want it to!)

Enter the concept of the After-Party.  Excessive? Perhaps slightly.  Majorly fun? Hell yes! All the wedding's I've been to have had some sort of after-party, be it an actual party in a different room of the venue or an informal gathering at a local bar or even a hotel room!

I would love to do something at a dive bar (can you picture me in a wedding dress at some grimey, hole-in-the-wall bar? I can!!!!)  But sadly, my town is so stupidly small that there is no bar for us to go to.  There's one restaurant that also has a bar but things are usually shut down by midnight.

So that leaves us with the few bed and breakfast's that all of our friends will be staying at.  Unfortunately, most of the rooms are not big enough to accommodate a party of more than 2 (and THAT type of party won't be happening until waaaaaaay later in the evening. :)

Enter the idea of a late-night bonfire.  The bed and breakfast where we'll be staying, along with the bridal party, has agreed to allow us to host a bonfire after the wedding reception! I'm so excited, I'm picturing s'mores, red plastic solo cups, a keg and me in a hoodie sweatshirt over my wedding dress.  It will be a time to kick back, re-live the night and prolong the inevitable yet sad end to hopefully one of the best days of my life.  To me, a bonfire conveys a nostalgic, old-timey atmosphere that makes me think of banjo music, whiskey and reminiscing on good times back in high school and college.

Take a look at a few other wedding's that have done something similar...

See? Super-duper funness...

Are you having an after-party? What's it going to be like?


  1. Very very fun. Great idea. My sister had an after party at a local bar though she changed into jeans from her gown. They didn't end up staying long but the guests loved it. We are also ending our reception at 11:30 and though I plan to be one of the last to leave, we won't be doing the afterparty. We will be heading off to get busy before crashing for a good night's sleep after a super long day! Then at about 11 am, our OOT famiy and friends will head over to our house for a day after party with a light lunch, maybe a little gift opening and just reminiscing about the fun day. That night at about 11:00 pm we are leaving LAX and off to our honeymoon in Brisbane, Australia (a 14 hour flight). So though I would love to do an afterparty, rest will be a little more on my mind. I think our 'day after' party is a good alternative.

  2. Those look like fun! What a great idea! Our wedding will very likely last into the wee hours of the next morning, so I guess there's no need for an after party!