Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fine China (or lack thereof...)

Guess what arrived in on our doorstep last night? A very exciting belated engagement present, our dinner plates!

While Mr Trail Mix and I decided not to register for a complete set of fine china, we did feel that a 6-piece set of plates would be a welcome addition to our mish-mosh collection of plates, most of which are hand-me-downs from my grandmother.  I actually really and truly love the way non-matching plates look in a table-setting, so I was pretty sure that registering for an entire set of china would be unnecessary.

But we did want to be able to have at least one nice set of plates for all the fabulous dinner parties we host (note: That was sarcasm regarding dinner parties, our studio apartment does not allow us to host dinner parties.  But hopefully we will someday.) So we picked out some beautiful, Portugese-inspired plates from William and Sonoma.

I was a little disappointed initially because when we got home after registering, we realized the plates weren't available online and I really didn't know if anyone would end up getting them for us.  Luckily, one of Mr Trail Mix's groomsmen's parents (Holla, Mr and Mrs R!) came through and now we have our lovely blue-and-yellow plates. Ha, yellow and blue, notice a theme here? Check 'em:

Love WS gift wrapping, I have so many of those little pineapple things stored in my craft drawer, waiting for inspiration to strike...

(Personal Photo)

First look.

(Personal Photo)

One more, just for good measure.  Oh and by the way, these things are huge! Way bigger than the rest of our plates...

(Personal Photo)

It seems to me like registering for a whole set of china is going by the wayside in the wedding world.  What do you think? Did you (or are you going to) register for china or no? I'm interested to know, I can still have time to add china if I want to...


  1. I totally registered for a whole set. Actually, I only register for four place settings. But my mother brow beat me into all 8 *rolls eyes* but now I have a complete set! But I think registering for FORMAL placesettings are definately a thing of the past

  2. Oooh, love the plates! Very pretty.

    We are definitely NOT registering for china. We won't use it, simple as that. Instead, we are registering for one "regular" day-to-day actually comes in a box, coincidentally, so someone can buy us the entire set. Then, we are registering for a more "modern/funky" set...but still on the plain side (probably some white square bowls and plates or something like that). I'm thinking that we would use that much more often than the fine china. Plus, I'm the kind of person who will get sick of it in about 5 years and want to replace it...can't really say you can do that with china!