Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Wedding Band Dilemma

In case you're confused, I'm not talking about the kind of band that plays music but the kind that is all sparkly and pretty on my hand! Yes, I've been stalking wedding bands and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  It's way more fun than when I was stalking engagement rings because I don't have to be all sneaky and not tell Mr Trail Mix what I'm doing (yes, I was totally that girl.)

Anyways, I've got a lot of different ideas for a wedding band.  Let's take a look at how my decision-making process evolved and afterwards, I'm going to ask all you readers for your input, if ya don't mind.

First off, just for fun, you all remember my ring, right?

Well, in case you've forgotten what it looks like, here's a refresher:

(Personal Photo)

Round center stone, smaller diamonds that I believe are set in a shared prong setting.  The band is about 2 millimeters wide.  So the easiest and most obvious choice would be a matching band of the same width.  Classic and (I like to think :) beautiful.

Something like this...

This one is a full eternity 2 millimeter band from Bluenile. I love it but it is not cheap and not the most original choice ever.  Still, a top contender.

This 2 TCW (that's total carat weight in case you didn't know...Oh, who am I kidding, any weddingbee girl knows that :) is my total dream and and Mr Trail Mix would totally laugh in my face if I showed it to him. A 3 grand + ring is not in the wedding budget (but no offense to those of you who have a ring like this, more power to ya!) Maybe for a push present later (hint, hint, Mr TM...)

While I was looking at matching bands on Bluenile, I found this pretty 5-stone ring and started picturing it against my ring.  I liked the idea but again, still too expensive so I turned to vintage wedding bands...Let le  fun begin!

Lord knows I love me some vintage (fashion and recycling!)

It's hard to tell if this ring would look as yellow in real life as it does in the picture...I actually like the idea of mixed metals so I am hoping it's yellow gold (I emailed the jeweler, waiting to hear back.)

Once I started looking at vintage wedding bands, there was no stopping me.  I decided I like the look of a band that would not create some sort of gap between my engagement ring and not have the band sit flush.  I think this one's so pretty.

This next one's sort of an awesome combo of several ideas.  Yellow gold, significant bling bling and would not sit directly against my ring but it is on the expensive side. I'm reluctantly considering it...

I got excited when I saw this eternity band for within my budget but alas, the website says it cannot be resized and it is more than a full size too large. Sadness.

I've also always loved bezel-set stones.  I heart.

I also looked at a few diamond and sapphire rings but ultimately nixed the idea.  I want someone else to get this band, maybe if you had a sapphire engagement ring?

This is the last contender... My friend has the white gold one and it is thin, delicate and stunning on it's own. But I would probably go rose gold.  I really love mixed metals and this one is just...dreamy.

So, dear Bees, which band should I choose? Let's poll it out...

Option A- Matching 2 millimeter eternity band
Option B- 5-stone band yellow gold vintage band
Option C- 2 thin bands intertwined
Option D- Bezel Set
Option E- Thin, rose gold

Many thanks!


  1. If Option C is the 2 bands that look like they're twisted together then that is totally my pick. SO unique and pretty!

  2. I'm stuck between A and E. I like the eternity band and think it would compliment your stunning engagement ring beautifully

  3. I love the one that twists its really beautiful and unique. And I just realized your Miss trail mix! Love your blog.

  4. I like the last ones, but I would pick either one in white gold or two rose gold, one for either side. I CRAVE symmetry.

  5. I'm definitely a fan of the first choice, but the twist is very unique and different!