Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Engage-aversary!

Before I talk about the really fun and awesome night Mr Trail Mix surprised me with for our engage-aversary, I have to reveal our dirty little secret...Neither one of us can remember the actual date of the proposal! *blush.  He thought it was one of two dates while I thought it was a completely different date.  So for anyone out there reading this, I highly recommend making a note somewhere of the damn date you got engaged!

Anyways, like I mentioned before, Mr Trail Mix surprised me by planning a whole evening for us to spend together.  I walked into the apartment to flowers and an anniversary card...

He only got me one flower because I'm leaving tomorrow to go on vacation for 10 days.  How thoughtful (and cost-effective.)

The card may or may not have involved flatulence...

Flowers and fart jokes? Gee, Mr Trail Mix, guess you know me pretty well after all :)  But it didn't stop there; he had made reservations at an Italian restaurant for dinner and then splurged on two tickets to a comedy show at Caroline's, a famous NYC comedy club.  Well-played, Mr Trail Mix, well-played indeed.  We had a great night and laughed our patooties off at the show (John Mulvaney, a writer for SNL, was the headliner.  HE. LARI. YOOOS!)

I also have to say that this is not customary behavior for Mons. Mix.  For example, on our 5-year dating anniversary back in November, he suggested we go watch the Miami Dolphin's football game at Dive Bar (yes, that is the name of the bar.  We're classy like that.) When he suggested that, I laughed to myself, thinking 'What a lame cover for the real fabulous anniversary day you have planned for us, I better play along so as not to ruin the surprise,' and agreed.

Um, can you guess where this story is going? Turns out, that was his real plan.  Let's just say it weren't pretty...

So mad props, Mr TM, for going all out on our engage-aversary! To many more fun anniversary nights out in our future!

What's best thing your man's done for you on an anniversary? This one is pretty high up on my list, I'll have to admit!


  1. Awww that's sweet! Yay! Was there a good line inside the farty card? :-P