Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm Back...

Maybe you noticed I wasn't around much last week (or maybe you didn't.  That's cool too.)  That's because I've been travelling out in California with the Trailmix family visiting lil bro TM, who's stationed out in the rural Central Valley in California for part of his Americorps volunteer program.

As fascinating as my family vacation may be to all of you, that's not what I'm writing about.  Rather, it's about the perspective I've been able to gain while being on this vacation.  Truth be told, I've done nary a lick o' wedding planning throughout the trip.  No emails to our photographer regarding the requested day-of timeline, no honeymoon hotel booking (which, dear God, needs to get done ASAP!) no contacting the gourmet chocolate shop I'm thinking of using for our favors, part deux (I know two favors is excessive but the first ones don't really count.)  I even stopped reading wedding blogs, although I couldn't quite quit Weddingbee (but no reading the rest of 'em, fo' realz!)

I can't stress enough how helpful this wedding planning hiatus was for my mental health.  I've actually been able to sleep past 5:30 am without waking up in a panic about some latent detail and my life has not been ruled by wedding emails and to-do's.  I think the best cure for a case of wedding-planning burnout is to just get away, even if it's only for a weekend.  Gather a few belongings, grab your fiance and go somewhere, just to relax and think about other things than your wedding.  Trust me, it does a body good.

And if you really need proof that travelling can give you a new perspective, check out this picture below:

(Personal Photo)

That's Brother Trail Mix and I in front of one of the largest trees in the world up in the Seqouia National Forest.  That tree has been around since 1,500 BC, making it about oh, 3,500 years old.  For some reason, just thinking about a tree being that old gives me comfort.  My wedding's just a blip in that tree's massive lifespan.  It has stood for a long time beforehand and (God willing) it will be standing for a long time after, no matter if my invitation colors match my program colors or the food is only mediocre at my wedding or if it pours cats and dogs on the big day.  Ya see where I'm going with this? It's convoluted, for sure, but it makes me breathe a happy sigh and lets that wedding stress melt away. 

What has helped to give you a better perspective when it comes to wedding stress?


  1. I noticed that you have not posted on the blog! XD

    Relaxing the subject wedding is always good ...

    And that big tree! Beautiful site also ...

    Hugs and excuse any grammatical error ... I'm learning your language

    Good week!

  2. what a lovely perspective - those trees can put a lot of what ails us in perspective - love you