Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Longest Run is Done

Yesterday, in spite of gale-force winds and driving rain (I think anyone in the northeast knows what I am talking about!) I completed the longest run of my training program.  The weather was pretty much horrendous but it had to be done so I donned my best water-resistant running wear and set off with the goal of 21 miles. Two hours and forty minutes, five blisters, 16 ounces of Cytomax and many a tear later, I was finished.  And damn, I felt proud of myself, although I very closely resembled this cat afterwards...

Seriously, I was SOAKED!

Even though I didn't want to go, I forced myself to do the run anyways, for several reasons.  One, it might be similar conditions for the actual marathon so it's better to train in all weather conditions just in case.  Two, running in that kind of weather makes one mentally tough, which is another good trait to have when training for a marathon. And three, if I didn't go on that day, I would have any other time to do the run, so I pretty much had to go.

I'm not going to lie, running 21 miles pretty much sucks.  Running 21 miles in the pouring rain and crazy 30-mph wind sucks even more.'s done and now I have exactly five weeks to taper my training before the big race.  And I have to say, marathon-prep has done wonders for my body (abs o' steel, yo!) Hopefully I will continue to train after the race so I still look good for my wedding almost two months later.

It feels good to make it this far in my training, somehow (miraculously) un-injured (knock on wood, knock on wood!) and still enthusiastic about running.  I've ran, I've strength-trained, I've stretched and I've mentally prepared, so bring it on, Boston Marathon, I'm ready for ya!

Anyone else training for a race a month or two before your wedding?


  1. Whoa!

    You are amazing! Congrats on finishing it!

    I'm planning on doing at least one half before the wedding, maybe two (the second one is less than two weeks before...eekkkkk!).

  2. Congratulations!! That's awesome. You know you're determined when you run in the pouring rain and high winds! I'm totally inspired. I'm running my first 10 miler April 11th in DC, but I hope to run a half and then full marathon after. I need to adopt your kind of thinking if I'm ever going to get there. Thanks for the motivation!

  3. Hey! Continued success in your running!
    (I used to have a poster with that poor cat!