Friday, December 11, 2009

A BEE-sy Holiday Season

Yes, the holidays are approaching quickly but what's a holiday season without a few parties to attend? The wonderful Mr and Mrs Dahlia invited all the New York City Bees (and other Bees who happened to be in the area that day) to their beautiful home for some eats and treats, along with mulled wine, eggnog and specialty beers.  It was quite the food feast (bacon-wrapped dates=best thing EVER!) and so much fun to get to know some of the Bees in real-life.

Although the weather outside was frightful, the atmosphere inside was delightful.  Mr and Mrs Dahlia were incredibly gracious hosts and served up a smorgasboard of appetizers, including pizza rolls, stuffed mushrooms, spinach croquettes, various cheeses and other goodies that we made short work of.

A few highlight pics (all by the beautiful Mrs Caramel!)...

Mr and Mrs Dahlia (Mr Dahlia rocked that apron, let me tell ya!)

See, I weren't lyin' about the spread...Mrs Caramel was responsible for the two half-eaten (she brought them whole, we just made short work of 'em) cakes at the bottom of the picture...Grasshopper and caramel apple, mmmmm....

Let's see who we got here...That's Hammy the Hamster, Trail Mixalicious, the Swanster and Darlin' D'orsay (note my double helping of cake there...)

Caramel with a very-pregnant Bee...

Just in case you couldn't tell, Bee's about to have a baby...But we wanted to make sure everyone knew so we pointed to her bump :)

From left to right, that is Miss Trail Mix, Miss Hamster, Mrs Bluebell, Mrs Swan, Mrs Bee, Mrs Caramel, Mrs Dahlia, Mrs Snowpea and Mrs D'orsay!

So much fun,can't wait until the next Bee party!

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  1. such a sweet post! Congratulations to your friend Bee! ;) Happy Friday!