Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Purty Flowers

I have been having way too much fun searching for bouquet inspiration.  All I can say is that I hope my florist appreciates all my efforts and gets it right!

I am definitely drawn to fuller, fluffier flowers such as dahlias, peonies and ranunculus as well as the mixture of yellow and white (although pale pinks seem to making a frequent appearance as well.) Wanna see my favorites?

Soft and fluffy, yellow and white...Sounds practically perfect in every way~

I like how this one uses all white flowers and then incorporates yellow through the ribbon tied around the stems...

Somehow, this uniform, pale-pink bouquet has wiggled it's way into my heart, even though it's nothing like the rest of my inspirations and pink is nowhere to be found in my wedding colors...

This is one of the one's I can't stop staring at...That pop of orange is c'est magnifique!


Alright, this one isn't a bouquet but dear lord, how beautiful is the arrangement?

I'm having trouble figuring out what flower this one is, any ideas?

Another yellow-and-white bunch of perfection...

I love flowers, I couldn't imagine my wedding without as many as possible and obviously, since the bouquet is the star of the show, I want mine to be amazing.  But I also want it to be a little bit rustic and loose, nothing too formal...I'll be meeting with my florist in January to talk more about the bouquets but until then, inspiration photos will have to tide me over!

Do you stalk inspiration photos? Or did you let your florist do the dirty work?


  1. Definitely stalking inspiration flowers! There are so many beautiful options its hard to decide on just one

  2. We decided to save on flowers so we can splurge on a few other items, so I'm not really stalking flower inspirations - don't want to get too many unaffordable ideas :) I think all of the bouquets above are beautiful - I actually don't know how I would pick just one if I didn't have budget constraints!

  3. gosh aren't they all just so divine? i don't think you could go wrong with ANY of them.

    i still have no idea what we will be doing. i keep thinking we will just make them ourselves...but i dunno. the pros do such a good job!

  4. Hah! I let my planner do all the dirty work. Though the lack of complete control bugs me a little! But I am with you. I love what I call "poofy" flowers!

  5. Those bouquets are absolutely beautiful! I haven't visited my florist yet so I don't know if they're going to be doing bouquets from my inspirational pictures or from their creativity.