Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Photographer!

You know how a lot of brides stress about choosing a photographer? I've read many a blog post obsessing over finding the right person to document one's wedding day. As they say, the pictures are really all you have left once the wedding's over.

I did not do this.  Truth is, the photographer was the second vendor I booked, right after the venue.  It was before I had really gotten into sucked into the online wedding blogosphere/black hole and didn't really know what I was doing.  But I know it will work out for the best because our photographer rocks!

Kelly Griffith of Closed Circle Photography in Boston has the honor of photographing my wedding and I'm so excited to have her!

Kelly is actually a semi-friendor.  She is (get ready for another Ferris Bueller-esque connection) the college roommate and close friend of the daughter of a family friend and actually made a few visits to my parents house waaaay back in the day to celebrate a Jewish holiday or two.

When I started looking for a photographer, I really didn't know where or how to start.  I made a few half-hearted attempts at contacting some random photogs off of The Knot's list of recommended vendors in my area but that was about it.  When my mom suggested contacting Kelly, I jumped at the chance to work with someone who was not a complete stranger and someone I knew I could trust.

I told her my budget, she told me what I could get for that and snap, crackle, pop, just like that we had a contract signed, deposit put down and a photographer for our wedding.  I've since upped our photography budget with the idea of getting a second shooter but I'm waiting until the wedding gets a little bit closer before making the final decision on that.

Would you like to see some of her work? Of course you would, that's why you're reading Weddingbee right now, to ogle wedding porn like the pictures below.  Ok, here's a few of my (and her)  favorite shots:

(All pictures courtesy of Closed Circle Photography)

Le siiiiiiiigh, aren't they all so pretty? I can't wait to see how ours come out!

So even though choosing Kelly and Closed Circle Photography was a quick and easy decision, I stand 100% behind it and I'm confident Kelly is going to get a lot of beautiful shots.

How'd you find your photographer? Did you stress and obsess or what it an easy decision?


  1. Those are beautiful pics! We booked our photog really easily too. I looked online for several days and when I found one we both loved we booked him!

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  3. Wow...great shots. You'll be very happy I'm sure. The photog was kind of a big deal for me. I browsed a massive amount of web sites and then narrowed it down to about 10 or more that I e-mailed. I didn't ask their rates, I told them what I wanted and what I had available in my budget to pay for it. Some of them said, no problem and some said no way. So the ones that said no problem I went and met with....about 4 of them. Then based on their personalities and response/interaction to my interview questions, and based on the quality of their photography skills and shots, I picked the one. I stand whole heartedly behind my decision and am excited about him. So glad you are happy with yours, too.

  4. We are about to book - we contacted 2 or 3 recommended by the venue and a couple that weren't. I am sort of freaking out about whether we're making the right choice, so it's good that you're all set and confident about your decision.

  5. Love that ring shot!

    I had a few in mind, and ended up finding ours (she was an adorable hidden gem). We couldn't be more happy with her!

  6. I like that ring shot too!

    As for our experience...I did stress over it. My FAVE local photog couldn't shoot our wedding (and her prices were perfect for our we were double bummed.) My other fave photogs were way pricer...and not from Flagstaff. It WAS Stressful. I didn't want to blow our whole budget on a photographer...but I didn't want to settle for a sub par experience either. So. We opted for the dream photogs with the pricey tag - it def put us over our budget...and that kinda sucks...but whatever. I'm ELATED.

  7. Great find! Those are some amazing shots, and how lucky that you have a friend this talented!