Wednesday, December 30, 2009

There's A Monster In My Parent's House...

It's growing larger and more powerful everyday.  I can't stop it, I can't control it, no one can, we can only try to limit it's growth for as long as possible.  Right now, it only occupies 1/4 of the room but there's no telling how big it could become. There's no weapon strong enough to defeat it. Shutting the door will only help for so long. It feeds on the burning desire of this bride for her wedding to be as beautiful as possible. Run for your lives, folks, the wedding crap is taking over!

Yes, it's true, my old bedroom has officially become the storage room for all wedding decor and crafts.  Thank goodness my parents are fine with storing everything there because if I had to keep it all in my little studio apartment, Mr Trail Mix and I would literally be tripping over things right and left.  Don't believe me? Take a look...

(Personal Photo)

You can't tell from the photo but that pile of stuff includes the cafe lights, mason jars, lavender favors (which I finished, all 180 of 'em!) picture frames, votives, paper lanterns and table number holders. And I still have more stuff back at my apartment in the city.  Yeeesh.

Ooooh, that picture reminds me of another find I meant to share with you all...While I was browsing Snippet and Ink's weekly deals the other day, I clicked on this website called Estilo Weddings and in the sale section, I found these:

(Personal Photo)

Blue and yellow paper lanterns, perfect for my blue-and-yellow wedding! I snatched them up the last remaining set of 8 for $30 total, which included the little LED lights and shipping. I think that was a pretty good price, for patterned ones. They're on the smaller side (12", I believe) but I think they'll look really pretty mixed in with the bigger white and yellow paper lanterns that I'm planning on getting to hang over the dance floor.  It's a small step towards the larger picture but I'm happy with the purchase and it feels good to take even baby steps towards feeding the monster I've created in my old bedroom...

I'm sure most of you ladies know what I'm talking about, who else feels like your house is being taken over by wedding supplies? 


  1. That is too funny. My parents' basement has become my storage unit for anything (basically anything that doesn't fit in my apartment). I cannot imagine what things are going to look like once we start putting together things for the wedding.

  2. How cute is your blog!?

    I too am planning a June. Will be back for inspiration :-)

    Happy New Year!

  3. I also have a monster growing! Only it is in my living room and there's nothing I can do about it. It's pretty scary actually. Yeah, I'm scared of it. hehe. But most of it is being contained in boxes so at least it is sort of organized and hidden. It is a little funny though when we have guests over because we always get the shocked, "Are you guys moving??!" question and we have to explain that its just our wedding crap. :)