Sunday, December 6, 2009

Invitation Inspiration

Mr Trail Mix and I have a meeting with my aunt (who is our invitation "friendor") soon and she mentioned that we needed to figure out the exact wording beforehand.  Alright, no problem, I glibly replied, thinking this would be an easy decision. Ha! I'm sure you know where this is going...

Well, turns out there are an infinite number of inane ways to invite someone to our wedding. Who knew deciding on invitation wording would prove to be so difficult?   A quick google search turned up gems like the following:

"The future seems so bright and clear
When I picture it with you near"

"Friends forever we will be
Whether walking on the beach or sailing on the sea"

"Kids at heart we'll always be
As we go through life
You'll always be my best friend
When we're husband and wife"

Really, people, that's the best you can do? Not to be picky but the last one doesn't even make any sense! Needless to say, our invitation wording will not start with any of these Hallmark-wannabees...

However, I am extremely excited to pick out the design of our invites.  I'm not even going to entertain the possibility of DIY-ing cuz there just ain't no chance of that being successful.  Drink stirrers I can handle, invitations I cannot.

As far as the design is concerned, I'm pretty sure I want some kind of flower or image on the invites, preferably in a vintage motif. I would (happily) jump on the trendy letterpress bandwagon if it's in the budget but I'll have to wait until our meeting to find out...

Here's a few invites I'm hoping to model ours from:

One of my favorites...

Obviously, we wouldn't go with a shell motif since our wedding's not anywhere near a beach but I love the use of an image on the invitation and the shells make such a pretty design...

Another vintage-inspired print.

With this one, much like the shell invites, we would not actually use the pine cones but I really love the layout, font and style of this one...

This one isn't an invitation, per se, but I love that flower!

Sweet and rustic, just the look I'm going for...

I'm looking forward to just sitting down and making our decision at our appointment, since there's no DIY stress (other than addressing the invitations.) For once, I just get to look and pick. Easy-peezey lemon squeezy, right? Well, we'll see if it happens like that, only time will tell...

How'd you pick your invitations, what do they look like?


  1. We custom designed our invitations. I found a stationery company (actually a woman who does them as her business) and fell in love with a lot of her designs and she was very affordable. I found a graphic I liked on one of her cards and another one that was on a videographer's web site and asked her to come up with something that merged both of them in the colors my fiance and I had picked out. I love what she came up with.

    I also pieced together the invitation wording from several different sources. Feel free to check out our latest mockups and see if they help give you any inspiration :)

  2. I subscribe to a greeting card I made mine by uploading pics...its simple, but cute! I'm blogging about it tomorrow!