Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hot Times at Local West

Last Friday, a bunch of eager Bees and Readers met up at Local West in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan for drinks and wedding talk!

Although it was crowded when we first arrived, the crowd cleared out as the start of the Knicks game approached (the bar was directly across the street from Madison Square Garden) and we were able to take over an entire corner. Luckily, the clever MissAsscher brought name tags and Sharpies, making it much easier to find the meet up for those arriving later on in the evening.

I seriously had such a blast getting a chance to put faces to names that I know well online but have never met in real life.  You girls all rock!

A few pictorial recaps from the night...

 Latenightsnackin, Miss Hamster, the ever-mature Miss Pug and KellyV

We swapped engagement stories, congratulated very recently-married Miss Meepsie (whose wedding was at Battery Garens, just like Miss Swan but only a week ago!) and even managed to have a non-wedding conversation or two.



And finally, the whole group (minus Miss Pug, who had to leave a bit early.)  What a fine lookin bunch!

Ladies, it was so nice to meet you all, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  Can't wait for the next Bee meetup!

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  1. yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I had so much fun! Thanks again!