Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finding My Sole Mate

This is not a mushy gushy post about how much I love Mr Trail Mix (I would never inflict that upon you all.)  Instead, I'm here with a public service announcement for anyone who will be wearing high heels in an outdoor setting.

I am a girl who loves her high heels.  At only 5'3" on a good day, heels are a necessity for me when I go out in order to feel confident.  Plus, it's hard to strut in flats and I must confess, I have been known to strut my stuff on a night out with my girlfriends.  Therefore, high heels for my wedding are a must!

However, my wedding is going to be outdoors.  In a big field.  Not exactly a surface conducive to confident strutting when wearing heels, right?

Enter the Sole Mate.

FMIL Trail Mix clued me into these bad boys when I had mentioned to her that I might have to wear wedges since I didn't want my heels to get stuck in the ground for the wedding.  Now I love me a pretty pair of wedges as much as the next shoe-obsessed lass does but I wasn't completely sold on the look for my wedding.

The Sole Mate is a little rubber/plastic gadget that slips onto the heel of your shoe, widening the base of the heel, therefore spreading the distribution of your weight a bit and allowing you to avoid sinking into the ground.  BRILLIANT!

Here's what they look like:

They also come in clear if you prefer that to the black.  Either way, I think it's a genius idea that's going to allow me to wear my beloved 3" high heels without worrying about walking on an uneven surface or that my heels will get dirty from sinking into the ground.

The company's website is and while they're not exactly cheap ($9.95 per pair) they do have a deal that if you order 10 pairs, you get 10% off your purchase. They also have a special discount for brides that allows you to pass the 10% discount on to you friends and family.

I think this would be a great little present for your bridesmaids or family members if your wedding is going to be held in an outdoor location, don't you?

Has anyone tried these or heard of them before? Do you have another solution to the high heels sinking into the ground problem?

PS- I know you all read that hoping for some shoe porn and even though I mostly already talked about my shoes in this post, here's a sneak peak of my oh-so-lovely heels (full post to come shortly!):

(Personal Photo)
Aren't they dream-delicious??? 


  1. Oooo! I wanna know if them solemates work too! they also have those other kinds that have a small circular plastic disc at the bottom... that kind of looks like the bottom half of a disposable, self-assembled wine glass! (classy, I know) :]

    hello miss trail mix! I just discovered your personal blog today :] but I read WB like. all. the. time.

  2. Sole Mates are so cool! They are one of those inventions that make me wonder, "Now, why didn't I think of that??" hehe. Luckily, my outdoor wedding will be on a hard surface, so I won't need sole mates, but I still think they're cool because I have sunk into the grass with one too many cute shoes in my life. I think I will still buy some just in case. :)

    I also wanted to thank you for that very sweet comment you left me about reapplying. I have thought about it, but didn't think that I would because I have been feeling a little discouraged lately, despite Patrick's incessant encouragement. But I think your kind words gave me the boost & confidence that I need to get my butt into gear.. so I think I will reapply. :)

    p.s. I'm just curious.. do you guys all know who applies? I'm wondering because I never told anyone that I applied, and yet you knew. :)

  3. Thanks for posting this!! I had heard about these wonderful little things a while back and totally forgot what they were called or how to find them! I'm having an outdoor wedding and at 5'2 I really want to wear some super fun heels! So I think these are a must have!!