Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Theme Emerges...

Much to my delight, there is a general theme that is becoming prominent in my wedding decor: birch trees! I didn't plan on this but it just kind of happened all organic-like.  And I think it's a perfect summer touch to our rustic, outdoor June wedding (gosh, I'm such a wedding world cliche, throwing around words like rustic but I don't care, teehee!)

Birch trees make a naturally gorgeous backdrop for wedding photos too...Will have to scout location to see if there are any on the premises...(Source)

Anyways, it all started when I ordered my pretty little birch table number holders. Remember these?

(Personal Photo)

I recently got to sit down my florist to discuss the flowers (one of my favorite parts of the wedding!) Random sidenote, I realized I've never posted about my florist and this is because it was another no-brainer, easy-peasy lemon-squeezy decision.  She's the only florist in town, we've known and used her services for 15+ years and there was just never any other option in my mind.  I usually call her the day of my mom's birthday, panicking, and ask if there's any way she can deliver a bouquet that same day.  I give her my price, let her pick the flowers and she's never failed to produce a gorgeous bouquet on short notice.  So imagine what she'll be able to do when I actually book her in advance? Her name is Linda and her store is Angel's Trumpet, located in good ol' New Lebanon, NY (my teeny tiny upstate New York hometown that no one's ever heard of...)

Anyways, where was I? Oh right, my birch tree theme...After meeting with Linda and going over all the centerpiece ideas, bouquets, boutonnieres and ceremony decor, I happened to mention that I was a bit apprehensive about creating our Chuppah. Linda pointed to an arbor right outside the window of her store and said "Something like that?" HELLO, it was perfect! And when she suggested using birch wood, I died right there in the store.  You better believe I scratched that DIY project off my list with glee and giggles!

It will look something along the lines of these, only with some fresh floral decorations on the front two corners.  Siiiiigh, I love it...

But we were not done yet.  Once we started talking about lanterns, lights and candles (oh my) she wanted to know if I had any ideas for disguising the poles of the tent.  Hmmmmm, never thought about this one.  She suggested birch tree saplings all around and again, I died.

Neither of these are quite right either but they give you a sense of what we're going for.  The trees around the poles will probably be more like saplings and not quite as bushy as either of these but still...I die, I die, I die...

So there you have it! Somehow, Houston, we have a theme! And I love it. Maybe I can even somehow incorporate a birch tree motif into our invitation suite (We're going to pick out our invites on Sunday, I'll be sure to report back as to how that goes...)

Do you have a theme for your wedding? Did you plan it out or did it happen unexpectedly?


  1. the birch tree theme is awesome! i was actually trying to get the new llbean catalog cover on my blog...

    birch... will try again tomorrow.

  2. Love this!! Such a cool idea. I've seen a ton of invites out there with trees so I'm sure you won't have a problem finding some with birch trees!

  3. There are these invitations that are made out of wood. They are a little pricey, but if you have it in your budget it would be such a cool idea. We are going with the same sort of thing . . . nature meets giving tree in a way. I am hoping to get some old barn wood from the house his dad grew up in to make signs, but that's all the way in Texas.

  4. No theme here...I get nervous when I think about it, because I feel like we should have one and then I just think, oh well it will just come together...I hope. I love the birch tree theme though...very nice!

  5. What an awesome theme!! I love birch trees. Somehow, we decided that our theme would be "lovebirds". I can't remember how we decided, but we did and I'm loving it so far.