Monday, February 15, 2010

A Decision From the Hive

Before we get down to the decision-making part of this post, let me give a little back-story...

Since we had hired our caterer and picked a menu without doing a tasting, she offered to let us try a bunch of different appetizers before making a decision.  Mad props to Debbie of Spice of Life Catering for doing this for us because it was a whole lotta food-n-fun!

So Mr Trail Mix and I journeyed north from the big city up to my parents' house, where Debbie laid down an array of appetizers we had asked to try from her list of what felt like hundreds of options.

First off, the highlight of the weekend happened within five minutes of us arriving (we were a bit late...Blame my three glasses of wine at a girls dinner the night before...Whooops.) Mr Trail Mix sat down on one of our kitchen chairs, ready to eat, and before any of us could say 'Boo,' there was a loud crack and suddenly my honey was on the floor with the chair looking like this:

(Personal Photo)

Luckily, the mister has a sense of humor about this stuff and didn't take it too personally when I pretty much peed my pants laughing.  Great start to the tasting!

The food only improved our mood, since it pretty much rocked the house.

We tried marinated thai steak, stuffed mushrooms, salmon bruschetta, chicken dumplings, spring rolls, sushi, spanakopita, chicken and cilantro bites, samosas and ricotta mozzarella bruschetta.  It looked like this:

(Personal Photo)

Mom and Pop Trail Mix, gettin' their eat on (with the lovely Debbie in the background!):

(Personal Photo)

Mmmmmmm, chicken cilantro bites...Kinda like a fancy chicken nugget.  You know this one made the cut...

(Personal Photo)

It took some serious discussion but we finally decided on the marinated thai beef (served chilled with a peanut sauce...major YUM,) aforementioned chicken cilantro bites, smoked salmon bruschetta with capers and creamcheese, sushi (california roll and eel roll) and...

This, my dear Hive members, is where you all come in handy.  Help us decide on the 5th passed hors d'oeuvre.  We want it to be a vegetarian option so it's between the stuffed mushroom or spanakopita (both of which were bangin'.)

It was a tie in my house, with Debbie refusing to break the tie and so I turn to you all: Which would you prefer for a passed hot appetizer during the cocktail reception?

Option A: Stuffed mushrooms with goat cheese, parmesean, breadcrumbs and parsley
Option B: Spanakopita (phyllo dough with layers of spinach and cheese)

Much thanks in advance for your help!

PS- Another quick, funny story for you guys...Mr Trail Mix thoughtfully got me a few pairs of the rather posh Hankypanky underwear that I adore and a few pairs of the poshly-cushioned Asics Kayano II running sock.  I'll give you one guess which gift I was more excited about...File that one under the "You know you're a runner when..." category :)


  1. While I love them both, I vote for stuffed mushrooms!

  2. I vote for mushrooms, so your guests don;t walk around with spinach stuck between their teeth.