Sunday, February 7, 2010

Running: Getting Started

Based on some feedback from other posts, I thought I might offer up some tips for anyone looking to start running on a regular basis (A semi-regular basis is cool too! Anything is better than nothing :) )      

First off, you need decent running shoes.  NOT the old pair of New Balances you've had for four years that you also wear to run errands and do yard work.  I'm talking about a pair of sneakers that fits you well, feels comfortable, offers you some sort of support and/or cushioning and that you only use for running or working out. I know this is somewhat of an investment but you'll thank me for this advice later, I promise.

I rock the Asics GT 2140

But Brooks, Saucony, Mizuno, Nike and Adidas all make great shoes as well. 

Ok, now that we're in a solid running shoe, it's time to start well...running.

I devised a sample workout plan for a beginner runner:

Monday- 25:00 walk at a brisk pace, finish with 2:00-3:00 jog at the very end.

Tuesday- Alternate :30 seconds of running with 3:00 walking for anywhere between 25:00-35:00, depending on what you feel up for.

Wednesday- Cross-train.  Hope on an elliptical, stairmaster, stationary bike or go for a hike, swim or pilates class.

Thursday- Rest.  Just as important as any other day.

Friday- Repeat Tuesday's workout but only take 1:30-2:30 walking rest.

Saturday- Go to a track, or work out what a one-mile course would be near your house (MapMyRun is very helpful for this...So is the odometer on your car) and run one timed mile.  If you can't run the whole thing, just walk when you need to but include the walking portion as part of your overall mile time.

Sunday- Cross-train.

Once Tuesday's and Friday's intervals start to feel easy, you can bump up your running time to :45 seconds or 1:00, whatever you feel capable of.  Continue to build the interval time as you get stronger and more comfortable running. You can also continue to add a minute or two each week to Monday's workout (so after a few weeks, you might walk for 20:00 and run for 5:00, etc.)

Once your mile time has decreased significantly, make it a timed two-mile workout.  You'd surprised at how easily 2-3 miles can become with regular workouts.

Thats it! Nothing more than 30 minutes a day could very easily have you running 2-3 miles non-stop.  Now it's up to you guys to get out and go run. The weather's going to start warming-up pretty soon and it's such a wonderful thing to go for a nice jog outside when spring is in the air.

Anyone else have some beginner running tips to share? 

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