Friday, February 26, 2010

A Women's Right to Shoes

Yes, I may have ripped that title right from Sex and the City (or on second thought, was it Choos? As in Jimmy? Hmmmm.)

Anyways, a more accurate (albeit longer) title of this post could have been this: Miss Trail Mix vs JCrew in a battle of the wedding shoes. 

Witness my shoe evolution (ridiculous me bought 4 different pairs of shoes for the wedding over the course of 7 months, shhhhhh! And YES, they were all from JCrew.  I have a problem, I know, shush.) 

First, way back in July, I scored the Caribe Espadrilles on sale for only $40! This was when I was envisioning yellow shoes a la Mrs Joey and more casual feel for our wedding...

(Personal Photo)

They came, arrived, fit, looked beautiful BUT...The mule style had the back flipping and flapping a bit, which made me nervous.  I decided to keep 'em for the rehearsal dinner and move on with my search.

A quick PSA regarding JCrew sale items and returns.  I've found that even though their website states that all final sale items cannot be returned, I've had no trouble calling customer service, playing the wedding card and having them make a note of the item on my account, allowing me to return it to a store for a refund.  And if that doesn't work, take the tag off the item, play dumb in the store and at least return it for a credit. It's better than nothin'!

Alright, we now return to our regularly-scheduled programming...

Next up, the Joley pearlized-patent peep-toes (these are still available in a number of sizes and colors for between $70-$80, plus 30% off!):

Super-pretty but missing the "snazz" factor. I considered shoe clips but still wasn't convinced.  Next! 

Then I found these lovely, gold Joley patent-pumps:

Ah hah, getting closer.  I loved these and was set on them until a month later, when JCrew came out with a peep-toe version and it was game over.  I exchanged the pump for these:

(Personal Photo)

(Personal Photo)

Ahhhhhh, me likes sparkly things!!! 

In a series of mis-communications with JCrew, I somehow ended up with two pairs of these babies but was able to return one pair easily (which technically brings my total number of bought shoes to five...ack!)

I've managed to not buy any more shoes since then (although I confess, I was seriously tempted by these gold, strappy ones but managed to restrain myself. Oh, fine, just because we all like to look at shoes, I'll show a picture of those too...)

FYI, these are also still available in a number of colors and sizes for $100 + %30 off!

I do love my beautiful crackly, gold peep-toe shoes though and my bridesmaid's are going to wear gold shoes too and they are worth lifting up the hem of my dress to show off.  Game, set, match,

And so, dear friends, at the end of this drawn out saga, I think we can safely say that in the battle of Miss Trail Mix versus JCrew's shoe sale section, the score is Miss Trail Mix- 1, JCrew- 0.  Success!

Did you have a long, drawn-out shoe saga or was it a quick and dirty decision? 

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  1. I was dedicated to the idea of wearing yellow flats for my wedding. A lil tiny slice of yellow at the hem of my dress would have been perfect. Except I couldn't find any that felt yummy.

    I randomly tried on a pair of blue shorter heels...and miraculously they are the most comfy shoes I've ever tried on. Like most heels, they will probably hurt my feet after a couple of hours...but eh.

    I never would have thought I'd wear blue shoes. But I like 'em :-) Oh. And they were $100 off and only $20 bucks. Hollah!