Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Always Better When We're Together

While Mr Trail Mix and I have had our share of adventures together over the years, we're by no means an adventurous couple.  We're pretty happy to be asleep by 9:30 on a Saturday night after Chinese take-out and tv. Yeah, we're lame like that.

But sometimes ya gotta shake things up and get out of your rut, which is what we did on Sunday when I got my Miami-born-and-raised fiance to slide down a snowy mountain with two little sticks attached to his feet.  Yes, my mister had his first skiing experience at the age of 27 and I think he had a good time, by gosh!

As a Valentine's day present, I gifted him with a lesson that included rentals and a lift pass, along with some sweet NorthFace snow pants.  We ate our picnic lunch together in the lodge, chatted it up on the chair lifts (We saw an underwear tree...Why on earth do people throw their undergarments onto a tree near the chairlift? And more importantly, how?? Aren't they super-cold? I digress...) and really just enjoyed the experience together.

(Personal Photo)

Check out Mr Trail Mix shreddin' some gnarly pow! 

(Personal Photo)

How can you not love a man who meets you at the bottom of the ski mountain with a hot chocolate in one hand and a beer in the other? 

We sat outside by the fire pit, enjoyed our beverages and reflected on the day, ultimately declaring it a success.

It was so fun to finally have him experience something that I've loved doing since high school (I started boarding at age 15 and in my tiny, rural town, there wasn't much else to do during the winters, so I used to practically live on the mountain!)  Truth be told, I hope that this is not our last ski adventure and am dreamily having visions of family vacations in Vail (after we win the lottery, HA!)

Sometimes it's really easy to get into a routine, which makes sharing new experiences together a less common event.  But it's an important part of any relationship; it gives you something to talk about, to reminisce over coffee five years from now, to integrate into your lives, should you choose. 

I am so excited to share many more new experiences with my future-hubs.  As the ever-insightful Ben Harper sings, Mr Trail Mix truly does

"put the happy in my ness and the good times into my fun."

What about you all, done anything fun with your SO lately? What new experiences have you shared together?

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