Thursday, October 29, 2009

Band vs DJ: The Great Debate

I wanna rock and roll all night!

That is my theme for our wedding entertainment. I want it to be a party. I want people on the dance floor the entire time. I want to shake my groove thang and fist pump to Journey's Don't Stop Believin'.

My dilemma was how to go about making this happen. I love live music but a DJ can play anything I want. So like the little organized wedding maestro that I am, I sat down and made a list of the pros and cons of both.

Live Band

-Awesome atmosphere
-Provides a party feelings
-Adds own twist on songs
-Furthers sing-a-longs (a must, in my book!)

-Can't play everything I want
-Can be difficult to negotiate with
-More people to deal with and house and feed
-Band requires more space (which means possibly renting a bigger tent)

-Cheaper than live entertainment
-Can play any song I want
-Songs will sound like themselves, not twisted versions
-Takes up less space than a band

-Could end up with someone like this:

So what's a poor bride to do? Band or DJ, DJ or Band....Argh, the great internal debate rages on!

What form of entertainment are you having at your wedding? What were your deciding factors? Which one should I go for? I'd really like to know!


  1. I am going through the same dilemma. Isn't it terrible?!?!

    I saw this fantastic band that I loved in a bridal show. Since then I've been thinking about having them for my wedding but my fiance is trying to convince me that a DJ will do just fine.

    Still haven't decided what to do...

    I just saw on your profile that you are planning a rustic, country-chic wedding. This week I posted some pictures over my blog that might give you some insights.


  2. So happy to have found your blog and can't wait to catch up on some of your previous posts! I get the dilemma...and your lists are on point. Bands are actually really great, *IF* you find the right one. My GF had a band at her wedding that she raved about and the guests loved. She said that they were high energy, did just about any type of song choice and got it going for the guests...who raved about her band for months after the wedding. Downfall? They cost $7,000!!! Are you kidding me?! Holy moly! My DJ is costing us $1500 and that's for the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, Emcee services, lighting (including a GOBO light, cake pin spot lighting & reception room perimeter lighting). I think ultimately, there's no right or's a matter of the quality of service you find, what you can afford within your budget and what style you are going for. Something to consider: A band can take up a lot of space! The band I referred to had about 7 members in it and our venue has a room for our reception that we are already going to be packing tightly with guests. There would be no room for the band. The DJ is even going to be half in - half out of the room in an open french door area. Let us know what you decide :)