Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beautiful Wedding Gifts From Michael Aram

Presents have already started arriving on our doorstep (which, btw, is an AWESOME perk of getting married, every day is like christmas!) A few have been off of our registry, one or two have been a little, um, special? And some, like the ones I'm about to show you, are simply gorgeous.

Enter Michael Aram. He's an American artist who works primarily in metals and his pieces are clearly inspired by nature. I would never have known about him except we received 2 separate presents from his collection. Both were from different stores (Macys and Bloomies), so he is clearly a well-known home goods designer. Who knew?

Then a recently married friend of mine told me she and her fiance actually registered for their wedding at his online store! Amazing idea and clearly, worth taking another look-a-see.

Here's what we've received:

Hydrangea Picture Frame

Lemonwood Tray

So pretty, right? Our home decor was instantly upgraded.

For the record, I am not getting paid to endorse Michael, I am just truly amazed by his homegoods collection and no matter your price point or your style, there is something for everyone. I think it's safe to say that anything by him would be a hit as a wedding present (even Mr Trail Mix thinks both of our gifts are "cool".)

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites off of his website:

A lovely flower bowl makes any table pretty.

These Gingko servers are only $59.00 but so pretty! A perfect gift for a guest on a budget.

For all you cake-stand hunters out there, how beautiful is this one?

This river rock lamp, well... rocks.

I am beyond obsessed with anything coral, so I had to include:

I think a set would go perfectly on my mantelpiece.

What do you think? Anyone else received something from Mr Mike A? Should we register here? Would you?


  1. I really like the taper candle holders!

    I'm a big Aram fan, but I decided to register for his stuff through my Macy's registry for the rewards and the return policy (I imagine it's harder to bring something back that was purchased directly through his site).

  2. These are so unique and beautiful. We live in a studio apartment with no space for new stuff, so we're not registering for home goods. But if we were, this would be at the top of my list!

  3. Love the cake stand! Left you something on my blog!