Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Housing Lottery?

Anyone else's college have a housing lottery? It was always kind of stressful, trying to figure out who was going to live with whom and how to best configure all your friends in the best location possible. Well, that is how I feel about figuring hotel logistics for the wedding.

Ohhhhhhhh, college....(Le sigh.)

Here's the problem: I grew up in the middle of nowhere. By deciding to get married in the middle of nowhere (my hometown,) I gave up the idea of having everyone stay in one central location. I then had to do some serious research on various ideas for lodging. The logistics have been pretty mind-boggling, to say the least. There have been several times in the past few months that I seriously wished I had opted to have the wedding at a place where everyone could stay.

After practically going cross-eyed trying to figure things out in my head, I finally sat down and made an excel spreadsheet. I'm pretty worthless with Excel, so it's a very basic spreadsheet using columns for various information, such as the guests' names, addresses, etc. It's been somewhat helpful but I'm still stressin' over hotels versus bed and breakfasts, televisions in the room, discounts for the entire place, two-night minimums and other fun details.

Right now, I have 6 different places where guests will be staying, including 4 bed and breakfast's close by the reception site, one nicer hotel about 30 minutes away and a Ramada Inn about 20 minutes away.  The list may end up being 7 or 8 places by the time we get to the wedding.

Oh right, and there's also transportation to and from all these places. Ack!

Anyone else getting married with tricky hotel logistics? Who did the smart thing and is getting married at a place where everyone can stay?


  1. Hi! I can't find how to contact you on your blog, but I wanted to let you know that you won the Eiffel Tower bottle cap pendant. Sadly, no one else made any comments - so I can send you all 3 if you'd like? They would make cute stocking stuffers or little gifts for your bridal party!


  2. Oops....forgot to tell you to let me know via my blog what you would like. :)