Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yellow Shoe Inspiration Board

Like several stylish Bees before me, I am wearing colorful shoes for my wedding. Remember Mrs Joey's beautiful yellow ones? I pretty much died when I saw she posted about them and decided right then that I had to have yellow shoes for my wedding.

I'll admit, I haven't quite stumbled upon the perfect pair yet (not that I haven't looked) but I'm kind of holding out until spring, when yellow is a more common color for shoes.

I did somehow (and believe me, given my severely limited computer and internet knowledge, the italics are very necessary for that 'somehow') manage to make an inspiration board of what I might be looking for.

Warning: Serious shoe porn below....

(Top Left, Top Middle- Personal Photo, Top Right ,

So pretty, right? I may end up going with a softer yellow but right now, my favorite are the J Crew ones (surprise, surprise).  I'll have to wait and see what my favorite prepsters come out with this spring. And I love the idea that if it rains, I'll be able to wear bright yellow rainboots!

Are you wearing traditional white shoes? If you're wearing colorful shoes ,what color and why?


  1. I am definitely having colorful shoes. At first I thought about orange, perhaps because I am so into the fall colors and orange shoes are kind of… different :-) (My wedding is Oct next year).
    But lately, I’ve been thinking about red ones. Not sure yet. All I know is that white shoes are out of question :-).

    At my old blog (TheWeddingCorner), I dedicated one of my post to a blogger bride who was thinking about yellow shoes for her wedding. If you want to check it out, it could give you some ideas…


  2. I looked EVERYWHERE for yellow shoes!! I couldn't find any. :( I don't think I looked at J. Crew, dang! But I did find some gorg black ones. Still, rock those yellow shoes for me!!!

  3. I am thinking of some teal pointy toe kitten heels. Now I just have to find them!

  4. Ahhh, yellow shoes! :) Mine are yellow too...I bought them last summer when I bought my dress (so the length of the dress is perfect)...and it is taking all of my resolve to not wear them!