Friday, October 9, 2009

Down and Dirty in Khaki

Since I've already devoted a post to my beautiful bridesmaid's and their dresses, I should probably keep things even and talk about what the manly men will be wearing for our wedding day...Well, technically it's still up for discussion so I suppose I should rephrase that to say what I want the manly men to wear. We both agreed tuxedos were way too formal for a country soiree, so that left us with various suit options. Personally, I think a crisp khaki suit would be perfect for our outdoor summer affair. I keep seeing pictures all over the internet and really dig the style, take a look:

Laid-back and chill.

I like these guys' shades.

How sweet is this couple? And I like the 3-piece look too!

I'm picturing a sharp khaki suit with a sky blue shirt and yellow tie. And of course, yellow and blue argyle socks!

Unfortunately, Mr Trail Mix's style and taste differ a bit from mine and he was decidedly NOT appreciating this look. Since I haven't quite morphed into a complete bridezilla (yet), I decided to let the mister have a say on this one and look further into other suit options. Currently we are looking into various shades of grey for the suit (Heather grey? Charcoal grey? Coal grey? Who knew grey had so many options?)

Here are my shirt and tie inspirations:

This is the color blue I'm picturing for the shirts.

I love this tie! How good would it look against a blue shirt?

I mostly love this picture for the yellow house in the background. But I like the ties too.

I'm still working on convincing Mr TM about the argyle socks but I'm curious, which shade of grey do you think would go best with that shirt and tie combo? Or should I try to convince him of how great he would look in a khaki suit?


  1. Any shade of gray will work with that combo. Gray is the most neutral color a suit can be. :)

    Here's a thought: will the guys be renting, or buying suits? If they are buying, go with charcoal: it is the most rewearable suit a man can have, and he can wear it again for almost any occasion that requires a suit (maybe he needs a black one for a funeral or a much more formal wedding?).

    If they're renting, I think I would prefer a heather gray kind of color... something a few shades lighter than charcoal. It would look spiffy. :)

  2. I'm trying to convince my groom to wear khaki as well! I've got him pretty well wrangled-into the idea, though! If our color scheme was different, I would SOOO want heather grey suits... YUM

  3. maybe the groomsmen can wear the khaki if FH doesn't want to? Just a thought

  4. I personally LOVE the khaki suits! It's what we've chosen for our groomsmen to wear. I think they look GREAT!