Friday, April 16, 2010

Confession Time

Ok, so my shower was completely amazing, wonderful, awesome, incredible, etc.  Make no mistake about that. But I have to confess that it did end on a slightly negative note.  Mr Trail Mix had been asked to stop by about half an hour before it was supposed to end.  We made sure to finish up all the games and presents a bit early in order to have time to spend with him and take a few pictures and so forth.  Well, at 1:40 we were still waiting for him.  10 minutes later, still waiting.  Finally, with literally 3 minutes left before we had to leave, he made it.

I.  WAS.  PISSED, to put it bluntly.  I had been looking forward to him coming the entire time and I wanted him to have a chance to be fussed over by all my aunts and cousins and get a chance to take some pictures of us together.  When he finally arrived, I was, how shall I say? Not exactly nice to him.  We actually got in a bit of a spat over it, although luckily I don't think anyone else noticed since everyone was too busy moving the massive amounts of presents downstairs and collecting everything.

However, turns out he did leave with (barely) enough time to get there when he had been asked to arrive but he stopped to buy me flowers, in which took almost 20 minutes for the florist to make a bouquet.  Once he told me this, I instantly felt like a complete and total ass.  He apologized for being so late and missing the end of the shower, I apologized for over-reacting and being a mega-biotch.

But I'm still kind of mad at myself for getting so upset the last 30 minutes of the shower.  My mom and aunt kept telling me to let it go and brush it aside but I just couldn't.

So I want to be the mature child and learn a lesson from my over-reaction. On the wedding day, I must not do the same thing.  Obviously, something will go wrong on the day.  It would be unrealistic of me to expect otherwise.  Something will go wrong and I cannot let it bother me because the wedding day is too special to ruin with my emotional outbursts and irrational anger.

I know that this is a valuable lesson to learn, although I wish it hadn't happened on such a special, lovely day like my bridal shower but I am willing to be a grown-up about things, learn from mistakes and move on.  Come wedding day, I know now that these things are not worth getting upset over and I know that if I do get upset, I will regret it deeply in the following weeks to come.

So bring on the wedding disasters, I'm ready now, I can take whatever the wedding gods have in store for me.  Lesson learned and you can all be sure I will be reminding myself of this and how I wish I had reacted, should anything go wrong on the big day.

Can anyone else relate to this experience? What's been your biggest "lesson learned" moment?


  1. It's a totally natural reaction. I flip out alot more than I should too but i'm learning to control the monster within.

  2. so, we're dying to know... how was the marathon!?