Thursday, April 1, 2010

Didn't See That Coming...

For as long as I've been dreaming of my wedding (and I'll be honest, it was long before I got engaged.  I was totally that girl,) I've always pictured my ceremony outside.  I based my entire venue search around that criteria.

 Nature is the only thing that inspires any sort of spirituality within me and is what moves me (sometimes to tears, although given my emotional state lately, that's not saying that much.)

So when I went to my venue walk-through with our on-site coordinator at the Tannery Pond, it was to figure out where was the best place to hold the outdoor ceremony, as well as work out logistics for the reception tent.  Just to cover all my bases, the coordinator showed me our back-up ceremony location, if there's bad weather.

And, my friends, I was shocked to realize that I kinda, sorta, maybe fell in love with it.

The Tannery is this incredible, old Shaker building with exposed wooden beams, tons of small-paned windows, long wooden benches and the smell of cedar in the air.  It's rustic without being cliche and simple but oh-so-gorgeous.

Not to mention the fact that the elements of rain or wind (fire? earth? Captain Planet? Anyone, anyone?) would become much less of a factor if we held the ceremony inside the Tannery. There's even a piano we can use for the processional and recessional music.

This dilemma of indoors vs outdoors has left me lying awake in bed long past my bedtime for the last two nights.  I've always dreamed of an outdoor ceremony, that's the one constant in my long-changing wedding daydreams that started pretty much when Mr Trail Mix and I began dating.  Yet, here is this incredible indoor location staring me in the face, almost begging me to use it.  I never in a million years expected this to happen, I've been set on an outdoor ceremony since Day One of planning.

Perhaps some pictures will help me make up my mind.  Let's start with the Tannery building itself...

All pictures are courtesy of Jane Feldman, who is the director of events at the Tannery Pond as well as a local  event photographer (Brides in the Albany/Hudson Valley area, take notice! She's awesomely talented!)

Here's the best shot I have of the entire space.  Note the beautiful small-paned windows that run the entire length of both side-walls. We would do some type of floral decorations for the aisles. Possibly (fingers crossed) my florist could still do the shepherd's hooks with hanging jars of flowers like we had planned for an outdoor ceremony.

This couple chose to keep their altar very simple, in keeping with the spirit of the building.  We would have our birch chuppah, some floral decorations and possibly small, white Christmas lights as well.

The window's on the left side of the building face west, allowing all the afternoon light to pour through, which almost makes it feel like you're outdoors (and turns out some lovely pictures.)

Plus, if we use the Tannery building, I can make (or have our florist make) hanging wreaths, which I'm obsessed with.  And there's an entryway space just begging for some decorations (tissue paper flowers, hanging vintage scarves, organza flowers, oh the possibilities!)

And we could still do all our pictures outside, if the weather's decent, which means we could get shots like these...

Now before we all jump on the "Trail Mix should definitely get married inside the Tannery" bandwagon, let's look at a few pictures taken from another wedding held outdoors by the pond...

See, now I've managed to change your minds again with that series, huh? Now do you understand the tossing and turning in bed at night, trying to make this decision?

Just for fun, a few more pictures of my incredible venue...

Obviously, I can't really go wrong, since both options are breath-taking (in my humble opinion.) But I'm really torn about where to hold the ceremony.  If we choose to use the Tannery building, then the cocktail hour will be in the garden by the pond, which would also be lovely (if we use the area by the pond for the ceremony, the cocktail hour will be in the field.  Also lovely.  But not quite the same ambience, since it's a wider space.)

So, dear readers, I am interested in hearing your opinions on what you think I should do.  Will I regret doing an indoor ceremony if my dream and vision has always been an outdoor ceremony? If you had an outdoor ceremony, are you happy with that decision? Which would you choose? 

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  1. if your heart has always been with an outdoor ceremony than have it outside. It is a beautiful location either way. Some of the most heart-felt wedding photos I've seen are of weddings that have had to adjust to the weather with outdoor ceremonies. If nature sometimes brings you to tears, what better venue to hold the most significant experience of your life thus far? If it rains it might make you cry, but that only seems appropriate. :)