Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Lied.

Remember when I rather dramatically declared I was done with DIY projects? Um, well, I just couldn't resist the lure of these beautiful, patterned, vintage handkerchiefs I found  at the Brooklyn Flea this weekend.  I also just happened to have the right-sized basket laying around, left over from the shower in my apartment so I spent Sunday making it all look pretty.  It wasn't really a craft session per se but there both a glue gun and cursing were present, which makes it a DIY in my eyes...

I hung up a few of the hankies on the fence out on my patio after washing and drying them.  The wind was a-blowin'! 

Close-ups of a few of my favorite prints.

I printed out and corner-punched the sign for the basket, then hot-glued it on.  An easy paper flower embellishment on either side and it was good to go.

This will be on the table as guests enter the ceremony site, along with a basket of programs and hopefully some type of flower arrangement or other decorative item tbd.

I'm happy about how it turned out and I think it will be a nice touch at the ceremony (and maybe make a pretty keepsake for those who take one?)

Sidenote: I've had in my possession a corner-punch for over six months but I the whole time I thought it was broken.  I gave it another try for this sign and voila! It worked perfectly, turns out it was user error the first couple of times.  Boy, did I feel foolish :) But it's probably better to have made this discovery now rather than 6 months ago, or else I might've tried to corner-punch all my programs, which could have been disastrous!

Anyways, if you saw these at a wedding, would you take one? Do I have enough? 

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  1. Lovely find! I would absolutely take either the blue hankie with red & yellow flowers hanging at the bottom part, or the cream color one right above it with tiny blue flowers and green and pink accents.