Friday, April 23, 2010

Registry Schizophrenia

If the folks over at Pottery Barn and William Sonoma were keeping a close watch on our registry item list, they might think I was, well, a li'l bit crazy.

Let me explain:  I keep going back and forth regarding how I feel about our registry.  Way way back in the beginning (of time?) we were not going to have a registry.  No, we said, we'd love to get creative, thoughtful presents that our guests took the time to really think through and that would reflect us as a couple.

But with an engagement party looming, FMIL Trail Mix received several inquiries to our registry whereabouts and we feared the dreaded "kitchy" presents that might come our way without a registry, so we caved to the pressure.  Fine, we said, we'll do a limited registry with just a few things we really need.  With our limited space in our miniscule studio, we have no room for extra "stuff."

But then we went to the these stores, got that handy-dandy scanner gun and, folks, it was game over (or game on, depending on how you look at it.)

We definitely had some fun registering for lots of things that somehow were absolutely "necessary." Like an ice cream maker.  Which we actually got and which, by the way, totally freakin' rocks.  But a kitchen staple? Not so much.

However, once the engagement party was over (from which we received lots of lovely gifts off the registry!) I kind of went a little bit psycho about the whole thing.

You see this vase set?


I've taken it on and off our registry at Pottery Barn no less than three times! It's like every other week, I completely change my mind.  First, there were lots of items; then the next week I decided we didn't want "stuff" and took more than the half the things off of it.  Then a few weeks later, I was browsing through the websites late at night and added a bunch more things.  Then I went back and took some of them off.  It's been a vicious cycle.

Ultimately, I have pared it down some from it's original state and added a few big ticket items on there because truthfully, that's what we really could use (both our couch and our bed are thrice handed-down from friends-of-friends.) 

I think it's safe to say between the my registry stalking and adding/removing items, I'm pretty sure both Pottery Barn and William Sonoma are ready for me to be married already (as am I!), just to get rid of my crazy registry wheelings and dealings.

Has anyone else flip-flopped over what's on their registry? Do you stalk your registry like I do? 


  1. Love those vases! Go for it! You'll never reget getting it!!

  2. I'm the same way!! We registered back in February and I was obsessed over it! Checking it constantly...adding and deleting things! Finally I just let it be...but now that the wedding is creeping up I find myself checking it more and more and questioning everything we put on it! I say stick with your initial instincts...chances are they are always right!