Thursday, April 29, 2010

We're Not Music People

I think the title of this post says it all.  Don't get me wrong, I love music, Mr Trail Mix loves music (I think...) but in no way are we at all into the music "scene." I'm not gonna lie, most of the time when I read other Bee's posts about lovingly-crafted playlists, I've never even heard of most of the bands listed (how embarassing!)

This could definitely be us...Except I actually like country music.  And most hip-hop. 

We both are obsessed with Dave Matthews Band (seen them in concert at least 8 or 9 times) but other than that, we don't really have much inspiration to go off.  Even though we have our (AWESOME) band playing at the reception, we still needed two ipod play lists, one for dinner and one for when the band takes their 2nd break.

We sat down to make the playlists but quickly realized that our music collection fell quite short.  For the dinner playlist, we were focusing on quieter, "romantic" songs, I guess.  Here's a sampling of the songs that made the cut:

-Dave Matthews Band- The Idea of You
-James Taylor- How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
-Jason Mraz- I'm Yours
-Israel Kamakawiwo'ole- Somewhere Over the Rainbow
-Lady Antebellum- Need You Now

You get the idea, slightly folksy with a little bit of pop and country thrown in for good measure, plus some James Taylor because he's one of my favorites.  For dinner, we're keeping it light-hearted and low-key.

And here's a smattering of the songs we put onto the dance playlist for later on in the night when the band takes another break:

-Black-Eyed Peas- I Gotta Feeling
-Beyonce- Single Ladies
-Chris Brown- Forever  (I will forever be reminded of Jim and Pam's wedding from The Office with this song,    an episode that I've watched four times so far and sobbed every single time...)
-Jay Sean- Down Ft. Lil Wayne
-Lady Gaga- Just Dance

All songs we can jump around, sing along and shake our groove thangs to.  So, here's where you dear readers come in.  I need suggestions for songs! We have a few more than what's mentioned here for both of these lists but I'd really appreciate suggestions.

So por favor, help a clueless music-lover out.  Can you give me a either a slower dinner song and/or louder, crazier dancing song suggestions??


  1. For our dinner playlist, i'm having only Kenny G play since people will be eating, I thought straight instrumental would be fine. That kinda makes it easier. For dance music, I have all types of music like dancehall, hip hop, salsa, soul , r&B , i don't care. I just asked all my friends for contributions. If you haven't sent out your invites you can ask your guests to put in a song selection on your rsvps.

  2. too bad rap isn't even music.

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