Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Invitations Have Been Sent...

Which means I can finally show them off.  My aunt who used to run a stationary and invitation store for years offered to do them for me, which I eagerly took her up on.  I may occasionally churn out a successful DIY project but never did it ever enter my mind to try and make my invitations.  No, hi ho hi ho, it was off to a printer I would go.  We used Encore Studios of New York City and they were dreamy to work with and I am so pleased with the results.

The suite includes a lined envelope, single-matte formal invitation, the RSVP and lined mini-envelope (love it!) and the rehearsal dinner invitation. I made some very problematic direction slips that were also included.

Invitation Photo Overdose!

I love them.  I love love love love love them! Heehee, I am giddy with anticipation over getting RSVP cards back this week.  These were definitely money well-spent and I was sad to send them on their way...

Do your invitations make you excited for the wedding?? 

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  1. Exciting! They are beautiful! Now you get to get RSVPs everyday!