Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Venue

After taking a few weeks to enjoy some engagement bliss, I started to get serious about wedding planning. The first decision I felt was necessary to make was about the venue. It's always been my dream to get married in or around my hometown and Mr Trail Mix has known this for some time, so luckily choosing the area was easy.

At first, I started looking at some beautiful Bed and Breakfasts in the Berkshires, MA (I grew up about 20 mins away in a teeny little town on the New York side.) One of the first places I looked at was The Seven Hills Inn located in Lenox, MA

I also liked this one...

Or the Apple Tree Inn, also in Lenox?

All were gorgeous, located in the Berkshires but alas, all out of my price range. Le boo. Then two separate friends from high school recommended a place right in my hometown and after looking at pictures of my friend's sister's wedding there, I made a decision immediately. It's called Tannery Pond and it's a part of the Darrow School. I quickly got in touch with the school's events coordinator, asked for available dates in June and she gave me the choice of 2. We picked the date, put down the deposit and voila~ Venue done!

Mr Trail Mix and I visited in June to check out the spot but sadly, my camera died and I couldn't take any pictures. However, I do have a couple from my friend's sister's wedding last August:

How gorgeous is this picture?

I'm hoping for the ceremony to be outside by the pond but if it rains, there's a beautiful old Shaker building for us to use:

The reception will be in a tent in the field next to the Tannery and will look like this:

(All photos courtesy of Maura Mattoon)

Now do you see why I'm obsessed with my venue?

This venue does have some drawbacks, namely the fact that I have to rent every single fork, knife, cup, plate, table, chair, etc etc etc... But it is my dream wedding venue and I'm going to somehow, someway, make it work.

Anyone else crazy enough to have a tented wedding? If not, what is your venue like and why did you choose it?

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  1. I love your venue. The cost of tent rentals kept me away, but I've always thought it would be lovely to have. Seriously, this looks gorgeous, even the indoor/rain option. I can't wait to see your plans for it and your pictures!