Friday, September 11, 2009

Engagement Party #1.

My parents threw us the first of our 2 engagement parties back in June, at their house upstate. Having two engagement parties is totally excessive, I fully admit. And I'm embarassed to write that I'm partially to blame for it. Not thinking the FIL Trail Mixes were going throw us one, I badgered Mama TM into having a low-key BBQ at the family home, which turned into a 40-person+ extravaganza that was seriously amazing.

Of course, about a week later, the FIL's offered to throw us an engagement party down in Miami, hence the fiesta doble! As country and down-home as my parents' soiree was, I had such a blast. The BBQ really made me feel good about my wedding choices so far, as I was reminded how I am always at my happiest when dirty besides a campfire after a day of drinking, eating and dancing. Here's a few shots, all taken on my camera.

Right before we embarked a tubing adventure down the creek near my house, 3 friends and I decided to see if we could all fit into one inner tube. Turns out, we could. It was getting out that difficult :)

Check out my serve! Heated battles of bocce and intense volleyball games were also present at the party. I love me some lawn games!

This picture makes me giggle.

That's Mr Trail Mix, Bro Trail Mixer and I cutting our delicious, amazing, awesome cake. Little bro just graduated from college, so he got to share in the fiesta as well.

Late night bonfire. DEFINITELY having one of these after our wedding!

Le siiiigh. It was a really wonderful weekend and we capped off Sunday by heading up to Vermont for another dear college friend's bridal shower. It was a blast, look how beautiful my girlfriends are (and her fiance is a cutie patootie as well:)

The weekend was truly special, filled with good food and lots o' love. It made me so excited for the big event. Thanks mom and dad, it was the best party ever!

Anyone else finding your wedding is just a big excuse for one party after the next? Stay tuned for our Miami bash coming in November...

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