Friday, September 18, 2009

E-Pics: A Worthy Decision

I originally thought getting engagement pictures taken was a waste of time and money. But after seeing tons of beautiful, creative photo shoots on sites like the good ol' Bee and Snippet and Ink, I decided that maybe it would be a fun thing to do. After all, we're only engaged once and why not take some time to document this point in our lives?

Sidenote: Guys are silly and clueless about weddings. When we told a male friend of ours we were getting engagement pictures taken, his response was "Wait, what? You're getting engaged tomorrow? Aren't you already engaged?" HA! Boys...

Anyways, once I decided we were going to have them done, the next question was where? At first I thought that New York City, where we live and love, would be perfect but we would have had to hire a separate photographer just for this session and it would've gotten pricey.

Our wedding photographer is based out of Boston but we weren't planning a trip there anytime soon, so we weren't going to be able to take advantage of our photographer's e-pic session that is included in our package.

Then finally the lightbulb went off in my head! Mr Trail Mix's cousin is an amazing (like, really really amazing) wedding photographer who runs a studio in Miami Beach ( and we had a trip planned to Miami for 4th of July weekend. Done and done! Stacey is incredible. We were uncomfortable in front of the camera at first but she managed to make us feel at ease after a few minutes and got some wonderful shots. You can check out more of her work here. We took them at South Pointe Park in Miami Beach. Here's a few of my favorites:

Silhouette smooch shot.

I love the skyline in the background.

Sometimes awkward laughter makes for a cute picture.

Up on the lifeguard's tower.

One of the few where we both managed to not look stupid.

For some reason, my heart always stops at this one...

And finally, to finish off the shoot, we jumped in the fountains.

All photos by the lovely and talented Stacey Ambrosio.

I'm so glad we ended up doing the photo shoot. Not only did we get to practice for our wedding photos (note to self: do NOT look up in pictures. Ever.) but now we have some beautiful photos of us, which is somewhat of a rarity since in an given photo. someone looks silly (it's a toss-up who is worse in pictures, for sure ;) . I'm definitely going to frame one of these, but it's so hard to pick! We'll probably also use some in our guest book, just to shamelessly self-promote (ha!) a little bit more at our wedding. Did you get engagement photos taken? Which one of these should I blow up and frame?