Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do You Like To "Do-It-Yourself?"

Anyone get the movie quote? It's a classic...Anyways, for the sake of my sanity and in an attempt to be (somewhat) organized, I'm making a list of all the DIY projects I hope (emphasis on the word hope) to complete before June.

1. Chuppah- This is a tent-like structure that couples stand under during the ceremony in Jewish weddings. There is a lot of freedom in the design of the Chuppah, which is good since I'm not really sure what I want to do. I'm thinking simple, rustic wood poles and a beautiful piece of lace, maybe with some decorative flowers along the front. Something like this, only with lace:

2. Programs- Again, simple and country, without too much fuss or flair. Here's what I'm hoping to do:

3. Favors- Although I know edible favors are a popular choice, I'm thinking of filling little, clear glass vases with a few sprigs of dried flowers (lavender maybe?) and tying a bow around the vase, using yellow or blue "rustic ribbon." I also plan on ordering favor tags in our colors, with the wedding date on one side. The favors will be arranged at each place setting on the tables, thus saving me some table decor worries! I haven't been able to find a true inspiration picture yet but here's what I want the vases to look like, use your imagination for the rest:

4. Ceremony Decor- This will most likely include aisle decorations, for which I'm envisioning shepherd's hooks with hanging glass lanterns filled with flowers. Or maybe paper pomanders. Or Martha Stewart's paper circle thingies. Or fabric bunting flags. Or some other beautiful DIY I have yet to stumble apon. Clearly I am undecided on this one.

5. Escort Cards- Not sure how I want to display them but I feel confident I can make the actual cards. I want something very simple and pretty, nothing too complicated. I'm trying to decide between displaying them hanging on rope, pinned with clothespins, or pin the cards up on a corkboard covered in fabric. Here's an example of each that I love:

These cards even have yellow on them, one of my wedding colors!

I love the simplicity of this one. Aren't the butterflies sweet?

Those are the 5 main projects that I am the most excited about and will make sure to find the time to complete. There are several other ideas floating around in my head that I haven't given that much thought about. Decorated flip flops in a cute basket, a card box or decorated birdcage, table numbers and menus are all on the list, as well....

Let the crafting insanity begin! What's your DIY list looking like? Anyone else feeling slightly overwhelmed?

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  1. Good luck with all these projects! Love that small vase idea. (Vegasbaby)