Thursday, September 10, 2009

Color Palette Decisions

Confession: I'm one of those girls who has been planning her wedding forever. Like, way before I got engaged. So I've had lots of time to dream about everything (plus it's a good way to pass the time on long runs during marathon training!) One of my favorite things to think about was the color scheme for our wedding. I love beautiful color combinations and I really felt that I wanted the palette to reflect Mr Trail Mix and I perfectly.

My first thoughts centered on a pink and grey combo. I was envisioning beautiful pewter silk bridesmaid's dresses with peony bouquets and the groomsmen in grey suits with pink shirts and ties. Classy, no? I love love love this color palette below.

But after a while, I realized that A) There was no way Mr TM would wear a pink shirt/tie combo to his own wedding and B) Those colors didn't really reflect us and what we like.

So then I moved on to a navy and turquoise blue with cream accents color scheme. I was actually pretty set on this, going so far as to confide about it to a few close friends who wouldn't think I was completely nuts for planning these types of details when I wasn't even engaged yet. This was when I thought the wedding might be in Miami (where the mister is from) and I saw us having a beach ceremony, with the turquoise of the beach adding just the right pop of color. I adore this palette below:

Unfortunately, the bridesmaid's dresses killed this idea. I didn't want to do a navy dress because one of my best friends was already using navy for her bridesmaids dresses. We have an overlapping bridesmaid and I just couldn't ask her to buy TWO navy bridesmaids dresses in the span of a year (and I didn't want to copy! :). So that left me with turquoise as the bridesmaid's dress color (cream dresses were out for obvious reasons) and for the life of me, I could not find a turquoise dress that didn't evoke horrifying visions of the 80's with big hair and bigger sleeves.

With two beautiful color palettes passed over, I really wasn't sure which direction to go with our wedding colors. I decided I wanted to stay away from overly girly colors like pink and purple. The colors brown and red bother my sense of aesthetics. Black was definitely out, since it didn't fit with our rustic vibe. So that left me with orange, blue, green, white, yellow. I love all those colors but couldn't come up with what I felt was the "perfect combination."

Then, a few weeks after we got engaged, I was suddenly inspired by two colors and haven't looked back. Mr Trail Mix and I both love the color blue (we really do, it was even part of the poem he wrote me when he proposed) and after thinking about it seriously, I realized that a light blue was the color for us. Sky blue. Just as I hope the sky is a huge pop of color on our beautiful open field for our wedding. It was an easy choice for the second color, yellow, inspired by the sun.

And this picture:

So simple, so perfect. And that's what we're doing. Light blue and yellow, perfect for a country wedding! Here's a few inspiration boards to get an idea of what I'm thinking:

Both of these aren't quite the shades I'm envisioning but close enough to give you a sense of how beautiful yellow and blue are together.

What are your wedding colors? How did you decide on them?


  1. Black, white, grey and yellow! I wanted a modern, geometric look with a few vintage pieces thrown in. I LOVE the yellow and blue, but then again, yellow is my favorite color!

  2. Are you really doing yellow and too!!! I see that you're a follower of my blog now so Im sure you saw the inspiration board I created! I love yellow and blue together!! I was thinking blue bridesmaid dresses and yellow flowers and blue flowers for me. And lemons in the centerpieces. lOVE YOUR PAGE!

  3. PS our bridesmaid dresses are turquoise...Mori Lee!