Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ketubah Inspiration

After I saw a beautiful Ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) posted by a reader on the boards, I clicked on the website to see who the artist was. Her name is Amy Kagin and her Ketubah's are works of art. I browsed through a bunch and while I loved them all, I managed to pick out a few that I felt particularly excited about. The first two reflect a more modern style of Judaica but the movement and colors are so pretty!

The next two are more traditional, patterned ones. I love the blue and yellow one because it matches my color scheme :)

These last two are probably the least common types of Ketubah's and (typical), my favorites. The Amy Kagin flower tryptic is considered "mini," which I like the idea of aesthetically and it's also cheaper (Hey, it's a Jewish wedding, I'm ALWAYS thinking of cost-cutting ideas :). The other one I found on (Does anyone else think it's funny/random website name?). It's definitely different but so pretty and would go with a lot of different decor schemes. This sounds trivial but it something I would like to display all the time, so it is important to consider these things...Le tough decision!

These are just a few of the thousands of Ketubah options. First I need to figure out the budget for ours before we make any decisions. But I'm curious, which one would you want to look at for the rest of your life and why?


  1. Gosh--so pretty! These make me wish I was having a Jewish wedding :)

    I think my favorites are the first two because they're so interesting shape/color-wise, but I really like the triptych as well. What a beautiful way to be reminded of your wedding for the rest of your life.