Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Traditional vs Non-Traditional: Where Do You Stand?

If it was completely up to me, our wedding would be pretty non-traditional. I'd love to incorporate some fun ideas I've seen in the online wedding world (Krispy Kreme donuts instead of a cake? YES PLEASE!) But alas, Mr Trail Mix is actually surprisingly traditional when it comes to weddings and has shot down a lot of my ideas (Cocktail-style dinner reception and signature drink options are two that come to mind.) But in spite of his many protests, I have managed to incorporate a bit of non-traditional flair into our wedding, as well as doing away with a few traditions I wasn't excited about. Here's the rundown:

1. I'll tell you a little secret: I'm not wearing a veil (Hope Mr Trail Mix doesn't read this...Ok, who am I kidding, there is no way he's reading this). I love veils on other brides but it just didn't feel right for me. I tried a few on at Kleinfeld's when I bought my dress but they didn't make me feel any more bridal. And truthfully, I've always seen myself walking down the aisle wearing a wreath of flowers with ribbons down the back. And that's what I'm planning on wearing. Something like this, only a little smaller and more delicate:

2. We're abandoning the bouquet/garter toss traditions. Not only do I dislike the idea of putting my single friends on the spot, why would I want to throw something so pretty?

Well, actually, I'll be giving it away after the anniversary dance (a new tradition that I'd never heard of until I got engaged and started reading wedding blogs but I LOVE the idea.) The garter toss makes me uncomfortable and Mr TM didn't care about doing it so that went out the window as well.

3. I already posted about our cake. We're not having much of one, just a little presentation cake to cut to make the relatives happy. Then it's strawberry delicious goodness.

4. I want to walk down the aisle to the Beatles' song "In My Life" and the wedding party to walk down to the Beatles' song "Here Comes The Sun." I know I'm not the first one to think of this but it's definitely not "Canon in D."

I would have pushed the boundaries of tradition even more if it weren't for Mr Tradition Mix. But since weddings and marriage are all about compromise, I decided to let the boy have his say. Things such as an ice cream truck for dessert, Asian-themed dinner and blue grass band all went by the wayside. I'm ok with giving some of these things up because ultimately, this wedding is a reflection of the two of us. And I think it's going to be pretty damn amazing, regardless of how traditional it is.

What's non-traditional about your wedding?


  1. Compromise can be hard when it comes to weddings, and I think it might be because it's so emotionally charged, you know?

    I'm soo jealous you got to go to Kleinfields! I see it all the time on Say Yes to the Dress and it looks like such a blast. It's too far away for me to go.

    I absolutely love the flower wreath idea. Veils didn't feel right on me either, I'm doing a vintage pin in my hair, I think. It's always good to go with what feels right!

  2. I love the flower wreath--so pretty and unique. Do you imagine you'll wear your hair down or up with it?

    We're definitely skipping/amending several of the traditional things people expect from a wedding to suit us. Doing so has made both of us a lot more exciting about the planning process, but I do find it a drag that I have to "sell" to my mother every idea we have that's slightly different from what every single one of my cousins did before me. I wish more people were comfortable with the idea that weddings are allowed to show a little imagination and individuality.

  3. I love a mix of traditional and non-traditional! There certainly can be compromise! I am not wearing a veil either...I feel you on that one! And I LOVE the anniversary dance idea...we actually have no clue who has been married the longest between my fiance's family and I'm looking forward to see who it is!