Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Proposal

I know that everyone says their proposal reflected who they were as a couple perfectly, and I have to say, mine was no exception. It was exactly what I had dreamed of, only a million trillion times better. Here's how the whole event went down:

One random weekend in March, Mr Trail Mix and I had made plans to meet my parents upstate for brunch. Now the thing is, when you live in a studio (aka one eensy little room), it's very hard to surprise your significant other, unless they are outside or in the bathroom.

So Mr TM waited until I was in the shower and getting ready for brunch to set up on our kitchen table roses and a framed poem he had written. I walked out of the bathroom (in my towel!!) and there he was, standing next to everything and just looking so proud of himself. My heart started pounding but inside my head, I kept thinking "Don't get excited, it's probably not what you're hoping for, don't get excited until you've read the poem!" The poem was seriously the most amazing, romantic piece of literature I've ever read in my entire life (obviously I'm a little biased but still...A POEM?!?! My football player, never-seen-him-cry, fraternity brother boyfriend wrote a POEM?!?!) Tears were streaming down my face by the time I got to the last line, which I will share with you all:

" I can think of nothing that would make me happier than for you to be my wife
So please say yes, give me a kiss and let me give you all of my love for all of my life..."

At this point, he got down on one knee, formally asked me to marry him and gave me the ring!

And somehow, in between sobs, I managed to squeak out a shocked "Yes."

So after all of this, I was in such a state of shock but so happy because I was thinking we were going to get to see my parents in an hour or so. Then Mr Trail Mix tells me he has another surprise and we're not going to brunch upstate, we're walking somewhere. So after I get out of my towel (still cannot believe it stayed on through the entire event!) and into some clothes, we walked 4 blocks to Henry's, a restaurant near our apartment. Inside were about 30 of our closest family and friends, waiting with the biggest smiles on their faces. My parents, younger brother, grandparents, great-aunt, uncle, aunt, cousin, best friends, his best friends, were all there for US. It was truly an incredible, awe-inspiring moment (and of course I cried the ENTIRE time). After many mimosa toasts and some delicious eggs benedict, we walked back to our apartment, completely full of love and floating on air.

A few memories... (All are personal photos)


Mom, Dad, Lil Bro, Mr TM and I.

Friends from high school and college. Bridesmaids J and D are to the left of me and MOH Pip is on my right.


And THAT, my friends, is the story (Even now, I still get a little choked whenever I think about it...)

Since we all love proposal stories, tell me yours! How did he make it special?

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  1. That is really sweet. I love how pleased he was with his set-up. And you look sooo happy in those pics. Just, Awww.