Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Table Centerpiece Rough Draft

This first center piece post is a definite work in progress (so don't judge :) my first mock-up of our table centerpieces (will probably require multiple drafts until I'm happy.) A while ago I was home sick and took the opportunity to do (a very) rough draft of our centerpieces. Here's a brief synopsis of what I made, using the materials I could find at home.

Also, be warned, I do not own a Gocco or Cricut or any of those serious tools that many of you talented crafters out there have in your homes so all of my attempts are on the "homemade" side of cute. But not to worry, for the real deal I'll be getting outside (e.g. Staples) help with printing and cutting, etc.

I have about 50 Save The Date cards leftover and was hoping to incorporate that image into our table numbers somehow. So I started by cutting out, very carefully, the image from the rest of the card. This took a while but since I'll only need 20 or so table numbers, it shouldn't be too tortorous of a task. I didn't have any white cardstock lying around so I used what I could find: a white Anthropologie bag (I KNEW saving those puppies would be good for something!).

Here's a shot of all my materials, minus the scotch tape I used to tape the paper together.

I cut out an unmeasured rectangle of paper (in hindsight, should have used my papercutter!) and folded it into a tent a la Martha Stewart, securing the bottom with tape. I taped my cut-out image from our Save The Date to the side and wrote out a number in blue, using a Sharpie. Easy enough, right? Here's what it looked like:

I decided it needed something else so I took the metal lid off of one of my treasured mason jars and taped the paper tent to it, so it has a base. And voila, table number prototype is done!

It will look better when I make the real ones, I promise. For starters, the paper won't be all wrinkly (and I'll probably pick a heavier cardstock). I'll also either print the numbers out or use cut-out numbers for each one, I was just sick and unable to make a trip to the store today (and of course, our printer is out of ink right now).

Gratuitous Mason Jar Shot

I'm excited about these for a number of reasons. One, I'm using materials that I (mostly) already have (the STD image and lids from the mason jars), which saves both money and the environment! I also think the final product will be sweet and go great with our mason jar centerpieces.

Since I happened to have some yellow flowers in the house, I filled one of the mason jars with them and threw in a candle, just to get the basic effect.

Overall, I'm please but I still think it lacks something. I'll definitely have to play around with some more ideas but this was a good first start!

Anyone have any suggestions for how to rework this table number idea? What inspired your centerpieces?

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