Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friends' Weddings are so. much. fun!

This weekend P and I attended the wedding of one of our oldest couple friends. We've known them forever, since we all went to college together and they are one of those couples who we've known would get married since the beginning of their relationship. Even though the weekend was a whirlwind of fun, I managed to take a couple of photos of decor ideas at the wedding that I liked and thought I'd share them (plus, who doesn't like to look at more wedding pictures?)
The color palette was red, orange and gold, which they incorporated into the table centerpieces, here's a shot of the tall ones. Very dramatic, right? Love the single flower (Calla lily? Orchid?) in the center of the vase!

There was a mix of high and low centerpieces throughout the room. Here's a shot of the low ones and also the table number. The couple framed pictures of themselves at different points in their relationship and then used that phrase on the escort cards (for example, our table was called "First DU Formal," which was very fitting since every guy sitting at our table was in the fraternity.) It was fun to go around the room and look at all the pictures of them, they look so young in some of them. It's hard to believe time has gone so fast! ( Cue "Sunrise, Sunset" here...)

Even though I was too busy dancing to actually eat my slice of cake (sad, I know! I was so disappointed when I found out I missed it since it was red velvet, my favorite!) but I did manage to get a picture of their elegant, classic cake before it was cut. Although we're not having a cake, if we were to have one, I would want it to look like this:

And finally, just for a fun, here's a shot of the couple as they were exiting the church. Love the bubbles and the bride's gorgeous dress!

Congrats P and E, your wedding was amazing!

PS- Here's a shot of P and I, later on in the dancing portion of the evening... <3


  1. This is GORGEOUS! Perfect colors for early fall.

    Interesting fact- I used to work at Sigma Kappa NHQ here in Indy and they are right next door to DU's NHQ! The Exec. Dir. of DU is engaged to someone who works down the street at Zeta and they are getting married this fall in a destination wedding. All very interesting :)

    Thanks for sharing! -Miss Pug

  2. I definitely love the picture with the bubbles!
    Oh - and my favorite cake is red velvet, too!